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Pepsi Lipton

BRISK® CASE STUDY Overview Customer Profile The Pepsi-Lipton Partnership is a joint endeavor between two major brands, Pepsi-Cola North America and Unilever. This entity is responsible for the Canadian promotions of Lipton, one of the leading beverages in the global market. Business Situation The company launched an entirely new Brisk® Ready-to-Drink Iced Tea early last year.

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The brand recognized the emerging presence of a new media segment and required assistance in exploring the potential of direct-client communication using Mobile and Web technology.

Addictive Mobile Corp. Solution Addictive Mobile Corp. combined marketing savvy with their licensed technology to design and power a Txt 2 Win Contest campaign, “Beat the Blues with Brisk®”. The promotion incorporated both web and mobile mediums to enhance customer experience. 1 Benefits Brisk® gained the ability to offer contestants premium web and mobile content while providing an amusing, interactive and instantaneous entry method.

Coke and Pepsi

This trend setting use of wireless technologies created a consumer buzz while allowing the brand to track promotional results in real-time. PROFESSIONAL SOLUTION Traditional media assisted in forming initial contest awareness with high school party announcements, beverage cooler stickers and high traffic website banners. Consumers were informed they could enter the Brisk® contest for chances to win a grand prize and one of the weekly draws, 1001 prizes in all. Participants sent an SMS message to the short code 27475 (BRISK) to automatically opt-in to the contest.

Through a wireless dialog, the consumer learned they could gain an extra ballot each time they sent the text message “PLAY” once a day. Technology integration allowed entrants to send free SMS text messages to their friends from the website, www. brisk. ca. Selected participants were sent a winning code via text message and instructed to go online for prize redemption. 2 RESULTS AMC’s mobile technology, compatible with all mobile carriers, permitted a wireless pathway for participation in the “Beat the Blues with Brisk®” contest.

There was a total of 50,000 entries (two months), fully automated, including selection and prize redemption. During the promotion, a 9% spike in sales was noticed, an average of 100 new members signed up each day while website traffic increased to 1. 7 million hits. Brisk® now has a database of over 6,000 opt-in members, indispensable market research to compare and analyze. Brand affinity was strengthened through an engaging and personal method directed towards consumer identification. All within in a two months campaign. 3