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Paddy Power Plc

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Paddy Power Plc Introduction My name is Maureen Hogan and I am doing a level 6 advanced administration and my assignment is to research Paddy Powers Bookmakers Plc Aims * A brief history of t organisation * Organisation type, and sector in which it operates * A detailed analysis of the organisation goals and objectives * Particular attention should be given to the customer service policy of the organisation * An organisation chart and comment on whether it has Flat or Tall management structure * Analysis of its products, services, locations, pricing and marketing strategy * Profile of competitors Construct a SWOT analysis for the organisation and explain the points you make * Construct a PESTS analysis for the organisation and points raised here need to be explained also History Paddy Power is a fourth generation Irish bookmaker his great grandfather Richard, started the family business back in 1898 from his native Tramore Co. Waterford. Richard Power business grew to become one of the most respected and well known bookmakers in Ireland.

Paddy’s grandfather, Paddy, then took over the family business and passed it in turn on to Paddy’s father David. In the 1980s betting tax in Ireland was halved which caused an influx of the big UK betting firms. This put the Irish bookmakers under fierce competitive pressure and it was in this time that David Power merged his family betting shops with John Corcoran of Patrick Corcoran bookmakers and Stewart Kenny of Kenny O’Reilly bookmakers.

The Power name was retained due to it’s resonance with Irish punters, and Paddy name was used to emphasise the company’s origins. Paddy spent his school holidays working for his father at various Irish racecourses, and in summers marking the boards in many Paddy Power betting shops. After graduating from Dublin City University Paddy started working full time for the company where he now holds the position of Communications Director. Paddy is one of the best known bookmakers today with regular appearances on TV and radio across the UK and Ireland. Organisation

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Paddy Power Plc

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