Overcoming Negative Thoughts

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It was during the summer vacation and I was very excited having been offered a job as a sales person. The detergent was new and I had obtained good results after using it and so I was sure that I would make many sales. In addition, the price was affordable. After a half day’s training we began the job. However, when I started the job I was disappointed to realize that I was not making as many sales as I had anticipated. This dampened my spirits a little.

When the time to hand in our weekly reports came, I was discouraged to learn that others had met and even exceeded the targets while I had barely met the target. This happened for two times and after this I started feeling like I did not measure up and that I could never meet the targets. Even as I approached prospective customers, I could visualize them rejecting me and this translated to even less sales. One day I sat down and wondered why I could not meet the targets yet others could. I started telling myself that I could do it if others could.

I searched the internet for tips on direct selling and started to put them into practice. All of a sudden my whole attitude changed and as I approached customers, I felt that I would make sales as I knew the tips. The most surprising thing is that people started being more enthusiastic about the detergent I was selling to them and the sales increased to a point where I became among the people who always exceeded sales targets. It is true that positive thinking is contagious (Sasson, 2010).

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