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Othello vs Iago

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It is a known fact that the actions someone makes throughout his/her life fashions the kind of person he/she is, however this is not always the case. Ultimately it was Othello who was in control of his own behaviour though he was highly influenced. Despite the fact that Iago had finished the deed of killing Roderigo, he was more in control of the others thoughts than actions. Together, Iago and Othello were fundamentally in charge of their lives though powerless to their thoughts and actions.

Nonetheless only one can be the most responsible for the tragic events that occur in this play. Insecurities have a powerful effect on the human mind, and thats just what happened to Othello, he succumbed to his insecurities. Being a different race and a general could be said to be rare in the time period that this play took place which may have led to why Othello was reacting so irrationally. He allowed his mind to play tricks on him by latching on to anyone who had shown kindness to him during a stressful event which led to his fatal flaw: Pride.

Though he loved Desdemona with all his heart, his pride seemed to be a bit more important. He would not listen to his wife because of the newfound tainted picture of her which meant to him to eliminate the one thing that would ruin his image of himself. In the end actions spoke louder than words and he gave in to the murderous ways that ago had planted in his head. With a great minds comes great responsibilities, responsibilities Iago seemed to ignore by allowing his jealousy to take over.

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Honest Iago truly was honest however, he was also extremely clever. He knew how to twist the thoughts of the people around him turning them into his little puppets in order to keep his hands clean. A highly effective instigator which led to the deaths of all the characters who died by manipulating the people around him. when all is said and done, it was Iago who really Influenced the actions preformed by Othello.

Othello vs Iago essay

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