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Olympic Games Ap World Dbq

Will someone check and grade my essay for me please! The Olympic Games There are many factors that shape the modern Olympic movement from 1892 to 2002.The original reason was so people of many people of different races, religions, or genders could come together and compete against each other in various competitions.The Olympics first started in 776 B.

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C. E. but ended 393 C. E. they later started back up in 1892, but it was a bit different than before. Today, many of the factors that shaped the Olympics reflect what has changed and what has taken place since the last games.

Some examples would have to do with women, the economy, and world wars and other region battles. From 1892 to 2002, things kept changing around for women. In document 2 you could see that from the year 1908, only 2% of the Olympic athletes are women, the other 98% are all male. Those 2% of women were also wearing full clothing; the only skin that was allowed to be shown was their face and hands. From document 8 in 1992, 29% of the athletes were women, this time most of them were able to show off their bodies and not wear as much clothing.

The big difference in the percentage of women competing in the Olympics and the amount of clothing they wear shows a good reflection in the transformation of women’s rights in the Olympics. Another reflection of the Olympics is the state of the economy. If you read document 5, it talks about a major from Japan wanted the 1964 games to be held in his country. Ryutaro Azuma wanted the games to be held in Tokyo because he believed that it would help the economy and the trades in Japan get stronger.

It worked well and in document 7 you can see that Japan is one of the countries, as well as the United States, that gets selected to be one of nine of the sponsors for the 1988 Olympic Games. To be able to become a sponsor, your country has to be able to avail itself of an opportunity to display its industrial and economic power to a worldwide televised audience. The author of the journal that wrote document 7 believed that becoming a sponsor would bring your country a lot of money. In document 9, it shows that more and more money is being spent on the media for the Olympics.

These documents show that a factor of the Olympics is earning money for your country; Japan proves it and raised the economy and its trade power during the Olympic Games. In the 1940s, World War II happened, which is right in the middle of the time period of these documents. The war dealt mainly with the Nazis and the Americans. Being that both Germany and the United states were in the war, both countries felt like that had to win it all to show a dominance for their government and to prove who had the better athletes.

Documents 3 and 4 both are point of views from capitalists; but in document 3 it shows how the Nazis felt about things. They had the Olympic Games held at home and they wanted to win it. In a ski race, they wanted to prove that Nazism was the best Democracy. The downhill course was closed for practices before the race, but apparently Nazis practiced the course without anyone knowing. The Olympics were shaped as hateful things between the two nations, and they both clearly wanted something to prove. In document 4, instead of the Nazis being the enemy in the Olympics, it was the Soviets.

In the 1952 games, the United States team felt a lot of pressure because of the soviet team. It was during the Cold War and they felt like they just had to beat the Soviet team, whether they were good or bad, they felt they had to. In documents 1, 6, and 10, the people writing the documents wanted to show the whole world was these athletes are capable of. Pierre de Coubertin from document 1 felt that the Olympics should be used for a time of peace and friendship between other nations. In document 6, it talks about how the Soviets had a really bad reputation as communists.

The Olympic committee wanted the Soviet Union to be more peaceful and democratic. Document 10 deals with the feelings of a new nation that thinks they are as capable as the nation they broke away from in competing in the Olympics. Pakistan wanted to break off from India and become nationalists, they felt that they would be able to compete in the Olympics and do just as well as the India. In the 1956 Olympics, the men’s field hockey team finished second to its rivals from India, but greatly won their first gold medal in 1960. Unfortunately, the national team is not nearly as good as they were back then.

To conclude, the Olympic Games have satisfied many goals from countries. The Olympics brought many people together and it eventually created peace in the world. If people closely studied the Olympic Games after reading those 10 documents, you could see that they have caused some problems in the world, but most of the good things out weigh the bad things with the Olympics. Many global events factored out and shaped the modern Olympic movement from 1892 to 2002, and they reflected the great well beings of the physical competition in it.

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