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When there is an ever enduring effort for global health care and health and nutrition for all by WHO,  in Canada the government incurs  less than 10 per cent  of GDP on the contribution  of health care services.  According to the Annual Report 2004-2005 of Canada Health Act (CHA), the Government is providing a range of health services viz., health policy,  physician services, hospital  services, extended health care services, dental services wherein each of the service is insured on pre-paid basis in order to make the accessibility of services for all the eligible residents of Canada.

Further the Government has also made a Health plan up to the period of 2013-2014 with the framework of Canada Health Transfer (CHT). In spite of these efforts, the Government of Canada is still challenged with some of the critical issues of rising diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis among aging population which will increase from 13-15 per cent by 2011. Also a fund of

$ 262,000 has been allocated for treatment of meningitis among children.

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The above facts disclose that there is a severe need of health care professionals, as most of the present staff are retiring, it increases the load of work.  Also acute care and attention is required for each patient using technology in diagnosis, as the expectations of patients are always on higher side.  These necessarily evolve a system of human resource restructuring, to appoint new staff by way of work contracts or temporary staff workers for skilled areas, which require a top priority resolution. Further implementation of tele-medical advice and services would assist both the Government and health-seekers.

Lack of adequate trained technicians, physicians, surgeons, anesthetists and supporting nurses with other administrative staff, would place Government of Canada in helpless state, in spite of its vigorous efforts to help citizens in health services.   Health and Community Services Act (1993) can induct medical students as trainees and other related workers into various hospitals, health centers for facilitating access to medical treatment for meeting long term sickness and emergency needs.

Considering the facts of above scenario, Government of Canada with the assistance of CHT must consider all the facts and develop a framework of human resources taking the advantage of globalization and migration work services and increase humanitarian as well as medical services for the residents of Canada and allow the continuance of good sense prevail as ever. (Cash contribution of $ 12,650 billion for the fiscal year 2004-2005) .

Conclusively,  urging the Government to look into the issue.



Medical Student

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Tony Clement, Minister of Health Accessed 6 November, 2006




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