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Fashion Magazine Editor

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In 1892 Arthur Baldwin Turner founds Vogue in America which will later become one of the most influential fashion magazines in history. In the year 1 900 fashion magazines began to use photographs instead of illustrations. For the editors, this means that they must deal with a new way to structure the magazine. Today, there are hundred ads of fashion magazines that have become an essential for many people. They provide info on the latest clothing trends and newest designers. Many fashion magazines have started doing online sites, so people may start to see more online issues in the future.

Thus, as fashion ma gamines change, so will the jobs of the editor. There are many people working in this career in different parts of the world t day. There are currently 1 3,500 people employed as an editor in California alone ("Editor s"). It is estimated that by 2020 there will be a decline and the amount of people working in this career in California Adolph 3 will be 12,900. This is due to the increasing amount of online fashion editorial s. There is still good news though. This new age of online magazines will open up jobs for on line magazine editors and floggers.

Most of the times jobs relating to this career are found I n big cities such as New York or Los Angles. This is because this is where major fashion companion sees, such as Harpers Bazaar and The Cosmopolitan, are located. Therefore, changes in the near future will affect some of the different aspects of one's job. Working as an editor may be a tough and stressful job, but it has its perks. "A f cushion magazine editor works closely with writers, photographers, and advertisers to ensure that readers are given the most update information regarding fashion trends" ("Descriptive on of a Fashion Magazine Debited).

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Fashion Magazine Editor

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Fashion magazine editors oversee every part of publication . To BEA magazine editor, you have to follow strict deadlines. When you have deadline s, your hours of work tend to increase. There are not any specific working hours for this career r, but most of your time is spent in an office. One thing that is important for editors to use is socio al media. " you can also reach a wide audience no matter where you live thanks to social media" ( Knobble, Claire, 'Teen Vogue"). Social media allows the editor to market and promote FRR mom wherever they are.

Many fashion magazine editors get to attend runway shows and pre view new collections from famous designers, receive free clothing, and go to some of the e most high end parties. While a magazine editors job can sometimes be a lot of work, it's worth hit. When applying for a job in this field, there are a few things a company will lo fashion magazine editor can be male or female. The ages range because they look at your skills, not your age. You have to be social because it is important to make relations pips with people in the fashion industry, so that later on you can have connections. The ideal EDI tort will have strong Adolph 4 interpersonal skills, and be able to conduct insightful and entertaining interview Killer, Johnny, "Job Responsibilities"). You also have to be creative and openhanded t o new ideas. In this career, most people start as an intern and work their way up. The majority y of magazine editors have a bachelors degree ("Magazine Idiom'). These degrees are usual y in journalism or something related to fashion design. It is essential to have a background in FAA scion to do this job.

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