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Last Updated: 15 Apr 2020
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After reading the article written by Christopher Stevens about educating Yorkshire I felt I should respond because, although Mr. Stevens clearly reflected upon the real life situations of the school, he still managed to draw attention to the negatives and form Ignorant conclusions whilst Including his Inconsiderate views. He sits back and crestless when It can be said that he must have gone to school what 20 years ago and that times have changed, teachers must know what they're doing otherwise they wouldn't have been given the job with such immense responsibility.

While he continues to point fingers he ignores how incredible Mr. Burton and Mustards touching Journey has been as well as other uplifting moments in the show. Thrill Community Academy has several different types of characters that attend but in your article you have stereotyped all teenagers. You take some of the scenes from the show and blow them out of proportion and then use that to make assumptions about all teens.

Don't you go out on the street and see 'Ignorant' and 'swaggered' out kids? Rather than generalizing you should pay close attention to the fact that schools are diverse, that the students and have their own little world, some would even call It their very own bubble. The first thing I'm going to talk about will be base. I think to achieve the perfect base you must go through some important steps prior to applying any makeup to ensure you get a flawless finish.

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Making sure your skin is clean, exfoliated and moisturizer is key, this will allow the foundation to actually sink in into the skin and make it look like your actual skin. But there's a step before that, and that's applying primer, it'll provide oil free hydration, minimize the appearance of pores and make sure your makeup lasts all day long. When applying foundation, the most Important thing to remember s that less Is more, this'll even out your skin tone and let your natural skin show through, this'll leave you looking luminous and Like your skin has a healthy glow.

The next step Is concealed, the purpose Is already In the name and that's to conceal, It'll make dark circles and imperfections virtually disappear, as well as highlighting under the eyes and making you look more radiant and awake. Next go on to apply powder, this will leave you shine free and make sure your makeup doesn't slip and slide throughout the day.

Brows I think brows are so important, they frame your face and add structure , there's arioso ways to fill in your brows, pencils, wax, powder and gel, my personal favorite is the had' brows kit, had stands for high definition , you get four powders in the kit, the colors range from light medium and dark, you should gravitate towards buying the kit according to the color of your hair, you get four powders, they are pigmented and creamy, this allows the shadow to glide through your eyebrows Eyes I think out of all makeup, eye makeup must be my most favorite, one because Its such a creative part and you can get really artistic In looks you can create. Negative apposed to the positives.

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