New Quick Test Method for Hazardous Waste

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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The main reason is the waste contained chemical elements that belonged to other waste and went unnoticed. Among the these wastes, there ere some unidentified ones mixed in; some identified wastes were mixed into other kind of wastes by carelessness. Both mixtures increase the uncertainty which contributes to exhaust emissions beyond the safe limitation and low performance of cement. The mixture, however, is hard to avoid because there are serial possibilities.

Making sure the quantity of chemical elements which can heavily influence emission and quality not beyond limitation is an economic choice. That needs to monitor the chemical elements of waste instantly during the co-processing. 3 Details of the solution Increasing the frequency of hazardous waste testing is the reasonable choice. That means we need to acquire a new method to test the elements of waste quickly and cheaply due to the fact that the traditional method cannot meet the requirement of speed or cost.

First of all, we should identify the main elements that highly relate to emission and cement performance. Second of all, we should configure which kind of element is frequently mixed with other waste. Third of all, develop the new method for individual elements. Finally, we should combine all these new testing method to a cage and compile software to calculate, stimulate and control co-processing not beyond safe limitation. Benefits of the solutions After having these abilities, we will have several profits. The potential risk can also be controlled effectively.

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What is more, the capacity of co-processing hazardous waste can be increased more than 30% without investing other co-processing line, it may save a huge amount of money. Furthermore, these abilities may become the national standard, which will be our technique defense to other competitors and may become our new business to provide to other costumers. Schedule for implementing the solution Find out the main elements that influence the emission and cement, and then confirm which kind of waste includes these elements and their existing styles, such as, organic or inorganic.

Find out the co-processing limitation of these elements under the safety 4 conditions( Reiterate,Melanin. M. C. , &Tokheim, 2013). This phase will last three to five months. The second phase is to develop the quick testing method for the main elements and will last half year or even more. The final phase is to compile the software to calculate and simulate the co-processing ND test this software and will last three months. 5 Reference Reiterate. W. K. H, Melanin. M. C. , &Tokheim. (2013).

Optimum feeding rate of solid hazardous waste in a cement kiln burner. International Journal of Energy and 777-786. Auber. J. E, Huston. B, & Sacrament. N. (2006). Utilization of municipal solid waste incineration (MISS) fly ash in blended cement Part 1: Processing and characterization of MISS fly ash. Journal of Hazardous Materials, Bal 36,624-631. Auber. J. E, Huston. B, & Sacrament. N. (2007). Utilization of municipal solid waste incineration (MISS) fly ash in blended cement Part 2: Mechanical strength of mortars and environmental impact.

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