Never Being Solo With Wetravelsolo: From Being An Outlier To A Growing Trend

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Last Updated: 13 Jan 2021
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The Trend of going solo has caught like wild fire in India in past 2 years. With 65 per cent of Indian Population below 35, and almost half of them being corporate slaves, the ones trapped in a monotonous routine of Eat-Sleep-Work-Repeat where there only chances of making new friends gets restricted to work colleagues or weekend parties. Our Young Indians are keenly exploring exciting ways of meeting like minded people online.

You look good, you are settled, you are taken, yet you are all alone. All you wanted is someone to talk over coffee. But you can’t find a place to find the real friends. With masses acceptance of Friend Finder and Dating Platforms where solos can meet other solos with an interest of finding life partners or friends with common interest. It is giving rise to a new trend of Coffee Seekers on Dating Sites. This connect is temporary and at best superficial. The interest based solo meet up communities are unorganized and there’s no credible platform for this fragmented market.

Wetravelsolo, A real life social networking platform is transforming stranger networking from online to offline. The platform has been an early mover in this social networking space, relying on a common underlying interest of travelling somewhere. They are pioneer in experience curation and aggregation for solos in India. They are steadily creating a new category and perception of going solo from being an outlier to a growing trend.

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The social networking platforms offers life changing experiences for solos, where they find likeminded people who become, their real friends, BFFs, love interests, mentors, hangout buddies, companions or business partners. Such connects are long lasting and create a stickiness to the platform. Wetravelsolo has been partnering with many interest based communities and travel companies at large to make Solo offerings widely accepted and financially viable for both businesses as well as its customers.

Wetravelsolo is set to raise second round of funding from renowned investors. The pilot launch in Delhi/NCR received critical acclaim and wide social acceptance. They have successfully tapped into unrecognized & untouched market with 100 million+ target audience or Solos since the time of its inception in the year 2015.Taking the growth story to the next level, the objective behind raising the next round of funding is to add momentum to its current set of functions and strengthen its Technology, Marketing & Operations while scaling up Pan India.  They have now built a basic Tech and community driven ecosystem for triggering future B2C, B2B revenue models.

They have done some major revamps on the Tech front to make the platform more fun and social for Solos to build real life connections with other Solos of similar Interest. WeTravelSolo's multi-device tech platform is an ad free & subscription free model that connects solos over common interest areas both on app and real life over interest based events, activities & trips.

The hybrid model of an 'Online Social Network', a 'Common Interest Network', 'Solo Experience Aggregation' and a 'Community Hub' is now live on android, iOS and web platforms. The social networking platform makes it easy for the businesses to service the needs of solos by leveraging the power of social groups through its technology and community driven approach.

(With inputs from Shefali Walia, Founder, Wetravelsolo)

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