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World War 2 was when the US was fighting Nazi Germany and the empire. The result of the war was that Hilter had killed himself and many of the Nazi’s were arrested and were sentenced to death. For America, they had allied with Great Britain, Soveit Union, and China had agreed to come to peace and signed a charter which led to the creation of the United Nations. America, Britain and the Soviet Union had won World War 2.

After the World War America had made a deal with the Soviet Union. The deal had to do with The Berlin Wall. The Berlin was was the wall that separated East and West Germany on the date August 13, 1961. The reason they had separate each other was due to the fact that they didn’t want the West which they referred to as the “fascists” to enter in to the East side so they didn’t make it a “Socialist State.”.

The Berlin Wall was put up on August 13, 1961. The reason the wall was put up was that Germany didn’t want the West which they named “ The Fascists” to enter East Germany. At the end of World War 2, an alliance had formed between Yalta and Potsdam had came to an agreement that the Germany territories should be split up into four which is referred as the “allied occupation zones.”. The East side went to the Soviet Union, the West side went to the United States, Great Britain and eventually France.

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The Berlin wall decision had happened overnight, Premier Khrushchev had given the Government of the East side permission to cut of the flow of the people passing through from the West side. Within two weeks the Police and the volunteer construction had built the Wall with barbed war and concrete wall. Before they decided to build the Berlin Wall, the people could move back and forth to work, shop, go to movies, etc.

They even had trains and subways that will go through to take people to each side. After they built the wall it became really hard to go to each West and East side. Although there were three checkpoints, Helmstedt, Dreilinden, then the one in center Berlin which was named Friedrichstraße. At each of these points they’re were soldiers which they would check diplomats. Unless for a special reason they needed to cross. People rarely crossed the borders.

They also had a problem with the border. Like today people would cross illegally. More than 170 people died trying to cross the Berlin Wall. People went under the wall or over it. Although most of the people that crosses over survived. The estimated number of people that crossed over the border were about 5,000 citizens and 600 border guards. The ways that people would cross over were; jumping out of windows at adjacent to the wall, they climbed the barbed wire, they flew across the border with hot air balloons, they crawled under sewers, and last they drove fast they parts of the wall.

The Berlin wall was a big part of history. It had a symbol on germany since it had split both East and West Germany. This started to happen after World War 2. The Wall had been up since August 13, 1961. It was torn down on November 9, 1989. President Ronald Reagon had spoken out about the Berlin Wall. “Tear down this wall!” is about Reagon speaking out to the people in Russia and Mr. Gobachar ( who is the leader in Russia at the time) telling telling them to tear down the wall because the soviet union is gone and the people on the west wanted to be free. So Reagon wants to tell Gobachar to tear down the wall.

The wall was also called “The Wall of Shame.”. After the wall was thrown down the Germans had thrown a huge street party to celebrate the Wall being thrown down. A lot of people from Germany had joined this event as there were people with bulldozers, hammers, and chisels that were chipping the wall and helping destroy the wall.

World War 2 was when Adolf Hilter rose in power. Nazi’s was arrested for the horrible things they did during the World War. America, Great Britain, Soviet Union and China had agreed to the United Nations. The Berlin Wall was part of the deal with Great Britain to separate East and West German.

The Wall had caused a lot of people to cross illegally and some of the people to die crossing over. The Wall was up for 28 years. The was torn down because of our 40th President Ronald Reagon had made a peach towards the people in Russia and the leader Gobachar saying “ Tear down this wall!”. After the speech the people started tearing down the wall and started to throw parties.

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