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Why The Berlin Wall Was Assembled

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The Berlin wall was a visible division between west Germany and east Germany. Its purpose was to keep disloyal east Germans from departuring to the west.
the Berlin wall was assembled in Aug,13th, 1961 , and fell in Nov,9th,1989.

The Berlin wall was a symbol of the Cold war and the Iron curtain between the Soviet led communism and the commonwealth of the west for the whole 28 years that the Berlin wall was erectedThe reason for the rise of the Berlin wall was due to the massive amount of the east Germans defecting to the west side2.

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Tens of thousands of people were leaving the east side and by the end of 1961 almost 200,000 east Germans were living in the west side. The west was dispirited by the amount of east Germans fleeding to the west. It had also created a staggering economic strain. Moreover increased the tension among east and west Germans to an insufferable level.

The solution came from the soviet politburo (the executive committee of the USSR). On the night of Aug,12&13 in 1961, the boarders among the east and west Berlin were sealed, alongside all the rail stations. A tremendous amount of east side soldiers guarded the borders while laborers started developing and building up security barriers.

Construction began at around 1AM, streetlights were put off so nobody could perceive what was going on. The city of Berlin was being separated and the residence had no clue it was happening up until the morning. Neither did the western leaders.
President John.F.Kennedy was completely taken by surprise.

After the Berlin wall was built it had changed the lives of many Germans in a lot of ways, it had taken away the chance for them to see their family and friends, (Editors, 2019) go to good and qualified collages, and were separated from almost everything such as, subway lines, bus lines, tramlines, rivers, etc.  After that the Germans were devastated which is why they started organizing ways to sneak in.

However the east Germans kept making the border stronger. They changed the underlying security fencing allotment into a concreate wall.The rise of the Berlin wall had affected many Germans in so many ways. However it did not prevent majority of east Germans to escape to the west side.

In early times, people came up with many ways to escape such as, throwing a rope over the Berlin wall and climb up, on a tightrope 60 feet above the German soldiers, down a zip line, on a speeding train, in a hot air balloon, etc.

Some of the early attempts of escape were successful, and it is estimated that around 5,000 people escaped safely, however afterwards the berlin wall became stronger and larger and the attempts to escape were nearly impossible and required a lot of planning.

The east German soldiers were ordered to shoot anyone trying to escape and was estimated that approximately 192-239 people were killed at the berlin wall(Rosenberg, 2019) On Nov.9th,1989, as it was the start of the cold war across the eastern Europe, the east German government announced a change in the city\'s relations with the west ”permanent relocations can be done through all borders checkpoints between east Germany and west Germany”.

Residence of both side were in shock yet very thrilled, almost 2 million people of the east side visited their loved ones on the west side, people were celebrating at the borders, while other people used hammers and picks to knock down the wall. Soon the wall was gone and berlin was united for the first time since 28 years.

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