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My Bloody Life Claims

Essay Topic:

In Chicago, one gains power that is attained only by being ruthless.This can be shown in the book My bloody Life, by Reymundo Sanchez, that takes place in Chicago.Throughout this book, Reymundo points out the ruthlessness in the main character that gains his power only by being that.

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Reymundo quotes, “I was digging up my own grave because I wanted to be accepted. I wanted to be looked up to. The only way I knew of achieving this status among the gang members was to commit as many violent acts as possible… Finally those around me stopped thinking of me as a coward, R.

S 114. ” Reymundo shows that he acknowledges the fact that he is digging up his own grave by committing crimes. His ruthless character is shown by when he says, “achieving this status…was to commit as many violent acts as possible. ” To reymundo, in order to gain his power he had to be looked up to, and the only way that he would be looked up to is by committing as many violent crimes as possible. In Chicago, power is abused to suppress the lower class.

This can be shown in the book My bloody Life, by Reymundo Sanchez, which takes place in the city of Chicago. In the book there are several scenes where innocent lower class people are not treated fair, because of their status. Reymundo says, “Gang members as well as non-gang members feel they need to run and hide when the police are present. If they didn’t, they would be harassed beaten or arrested for a crime they didn’t commit.

Police tend to believe that kids in the ghetto are guilty unless proven innocent. That’s why kids run, and the police are the enemy, R. S 231. ” This quote shows the mentality of the lower class whether they are gang or non-gang members. The fact that instead of having a fair trial, the lower class are harassed, beaten or arrested for a crime they did not commit shows the suppression on the lower class that is being abused by the ones with power.

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