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My Act of Kindness

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The Random act of Kindness I did was I gave my mom a 100 dollar bill that I have been saving. The way I did that act of kindness was I thought about who I can give this 100 dollar bill away to and the first person who came to mind was my mom. She is always gifting me and always taking care of me so I thought I would give back with a 100 dollar bill for her to spend on whatever she liked. The first step I took was thinking whether if I should give my 100 dollar bill away or if I should just keep it. The next thing I did was I measured my level of happiness. The way I leveled my happiness was from a scale of 1-10. The level of happiness I felt before giving my mom her gift was at a 7. The 2™ step I took was deciding if I was going to keep it for myself or give it away to my mother and I decided to give it away to my mom. The 3™ step I took was I put the 100 dollar bill into an envelope and waited for her to come home. The 4" step I took was when she came home, I handed the envelope to her and told her that this is a gift from me to her and that I love her very much and that I wanted to give back to her for all the daily things she does for me and sacrifices for me on a daily basis. She was very surprised and happy and loved it. The next thing I did was I measured my level of happiness. The measurement of my happiness after I gave it to her was at a scale of a 9. My random act of happiness was inspired by the Happy Documentary. It inspired me when they said that giving back was something that was intrinsic and it increases you happiness. So by giving back to my mom it made me happier and made feel good knowing that I was giving back to her and made her happy that I surprised with a gift. From doing this random act of kindness I achieved that doing an intrinsic goal of giving made me very happy. Giving my mom a 100 dollar bill showed me that I rather give instead of receiving a gift from someone, because you’re completing and intrinsic goal of giving and you’re increasing your happiness by giving and you’re making someone else happy as well.

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