A Litte Kindness Goes a Long Way Illustration Essay

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A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way Have you ever thought about what happens when people are kind, or how it feels to be filled with benevolence to other human beings? Recently I have found myself being very kind to other people and having concern for their feelings. Time flies by too fast to be hateful or rude to other people. We as humans often underestimate the power of kindness and caring, and don’t take into consideration of other peoples feelings. A simple smile or an honest compliment can change somebody's life.

One example of showing kindness or curiosity for somebody elses feelings happened to me at the Country Market, the store i work at. It was about 8:00 p. m. on a tuesday night when I had just finished for the day and was coming home from school and the gym. I stopped at Country Market, and I went inside to get a drink and pay for my gas. The lines for the cash registers were filled on both sides with about 10 customers waiting at each. I was third in line, behind a middle aged man in his 40’s, and finally an elderly man in front of the line was checking out.

The elderly man was in his upper 70’s, and he had a handful of groceries. The cashier asked the man if he needed help out, he replied “No thank you I can take this out myself”. The old man was struggling to get his groceries, and I noticed the middle aged man was hesitating to help him, so I set my drinks down and went up to the counter and grabbed his groceries and took them out. Little did I know when I was carrying out the mans groceries the middle aged man saw my act of kindness, and he paid for my drinks and my forty six dollars in gas.

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Another example of ways to show kindness and how it can impact other people's lives is just by smiling. The power of smiling is amazing, and it takes little or no effort and does not cost you anything. There is a website called To Write Love On Her Arms. TWLOHA is an anti-suicide non profit organization that aims at random acts of kindness or speaking out to those in need. They have a forum on their website about smiling and there has been a handful of cases where teenagers were thinking about committing suicide or feeling so down that they did not wanna live.

These teenagers told their stories on this website and there were two that I read that was very sad. This girl said that she was going to kill herself, and the only reason that she did not is because a random old man opened a door for her at school and said “Smile it looks beautiful on you”. Now this young woman works for TWLOHA and is helping other people with their problems. Other examples of kind acts giving good karma is a story of an old man that works out at my gym with me by the name Jason Overstreet.

Jason told me that he was in the drive through for Taco Bell when he decided to pay for the vehicle behind him. He said “he felt like a million bucks the rest of the day”. A week or so went on when Jason decided to go back through Taco Bell again when he went to get his food from the drive through window. The girl that was working the window recognized him, and told him “It was really an amazing thing you started the other day. While you bought that lady’s lunch then she bought the car behind hers.

It was like a chain reaction that lasted about 7 cars”. Jason was astonished at what he had started just by one simple act of kindness. Anyone can give random kindness anytime of the day. All they have to do is share a bit of their lives with others, or make a simple smile. When you are kind, you bring joy and happiness into the lives of others, and you will also be happier, too. Share your happiness with others, because happiness and kindness make the world go around. You never know when you can change someone's life with a simple smile.

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