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The delegate of Australia Is very excited to collaborate with delegates and participate In this prestigious conference. Today our delegation Is here to discuss two of the most aggravating issues in the world. It is a great concern to our people, and we are sure that it is a great concern to the entire world as well. The house is here to firstly discuss the Rebuilding South Sedan's Economy, following its Recent Independence and Ongoing Conflict with Sudan.

As a new nation, South Sudan is building some of TTS institutions from the very start, with core administrative structures and mechanisms of political representation beginning to emerge. The Government Is still struggling to provide basic services for the majority of the population. Since the country independence in July 201 1, high inflation has been affecting the economy, which remains relatively undeveloped. Secondly, the HIVE virus, most commonly known as AIDS. AS all of you are aware, Eliminating Stigma and Discrimination Against those Infected with HIVE/.

They tend too suffers from a tremendous lack of lath care, which accelerates the population's death rate. The HEADWINDS is affecting 1. 1 million people in the country,therefore they are forced to leave their homes and are left In poverty. CLC. Due to Its history of so many civil wars, diseases and death rates are always increasing in The widespread destruction of homes and hospitals has left children without families and many people with sicknesses and injuries. Because of the country poverty, state health facilities offer no treatment for HIVE/AIDS other than voluntary tests and council.

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The HEADWINDS virus acts as a significant brake on the economic growth and development of the country, since the people affected are forced to leave their Jobs. For these reasons we urge all delegates of the house to vote In favor of our resolution. TLS delegate of Australia wishes to contribute and collaborate with other delegates to solve these very urgent issues. Thank you for your attention Topic 1: after decades of brutal civil war that left two and a half million dead, the devastated and vastly underdeveloped southern part of Sudan secured Its Independence In 011.

The world's youngest country came into existence amid great challenges. Secession from Sudan marked a major milestone and opportunity for South Sudanese, but the nascent state has remained fragile. During its first years of independence, an oil standoff with neighboring Sudan, inter-communal violence, persistent rebellions by splinter militia groups, increasingly constrained political space, corruption, and limited economic opportunities troubled the young nation. Then, In 2013. Power struggle within the ruling political party mutated Into an armed conflict, first on the streets of the capital city, and then across the country. South Sedan's latest war has killed thousands and displaced almost one million people. Although a cessation of hostilities agreement has since been signed, it is not being enforced. As South Sudanese seek to move forward, they have to build stable inclusive national dialogue process, security sector reform, and real accountability measures are needed to address the root causes of South Sedan's violence.

Otherwise, the continued violence raises the specter of further atrocity crimes, and ungenerous destabilize consequences for the region. Industry and infrastructure in landlocked South Sudan remain limited, imposing prohibitive costs on the procurement and delivery of relief items and other operational activities. Seasonal rains and annual flooding render large parts of the country inaccessible by road between June and November. Inter-ethnic conflicts continue in various parts of the country, causing internal and cross-border displacement. In Jingle, more than 132,000 were displaced by August 2013.

The rate of refugee influxes from Sudan remains considerable, with almost 6,700 individuals registered between January and August 2013 in Unity and Upper Nile states. The South Sudanese authorities continue to provide protection and safety for over 234,000 refugees in the country and have allocated land for two new refugee camps in Unity and Upper Nile States. Following the creation of the Commission for Refugee Affairs in early 2013, the authorities established a regular presence in the refugee-hosting areas, ensuring effective coordination with humanitarian actors on the ground.

In a newly independent nation, parts of the population remain at risk of coming stateless by virtue of being of mixed Sudanese-South Sudanese parentage, originating from border areas, or having resided in Sudan for an extended period of time. TOPIC 2 actors that contribute to Wealds-related stigma include: HIVE/AIDS is a life-threatening disease, and therefore people react to it in strong ways. HIVE infection is associated with behaviors (such as homosexuality, drug addiction, prostitution or promiscuity) that are already stigmatize in many societies.

Most people become infected with HIVE through sex, which often carries moral baggage. There is a lot of inaccurate information about how HIVE is transmitted, creating irrational behavior and misconceptions of personal risk. HIVE infection is often thought to be the result of personal irresponsibility. Religious or moral beliefs lead some people to believe that being infected with HIVE is the result of moral fault (such as promiscuity or 'deviant sex') that deserves to be punished. The effects of intervocalic therapy on people's physical appearance can result in forced disclosure and discrimination based on appearance

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