Multinational Companies

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Multinational corporations (MNCs) are always keeping grounds with the Third World countries because of their untouched resources and cheap human labor. Unfortunately, main objective of these companies are only there to do their own business and does not actually give credit to its host country. Some of these MNCs actually come from the industrialized countries like the U. S. , Canada, U. K. , Germany, France and Italy. Many believe that such practice is a direct and an indirect exploitation to such poor countries.

But because of the poor societies, ignorance of the people and laxity of their governments, abuse are more likely. The multinationals are sometimes not considered by some as contributors to the economic development but rather than exploiter of the poor and the helpless world. No wonder those who advocate environmental protection wants them out of their country. Others who are less hostile advise them to guard regulatory measures which often than not are often violated. Such exploitation happens in Brazil, India, Columbia, Guatemala, Kenya and Ghana.

Usually the most affected subjects are the environment and the people. The only things that these companies contributed are easing unemployment and as well as the large sum of tax they provide to the government. That is for the exchange of the things they ruined (Ahiakpor). Since an anthropologist’s work is based with the study of the people and their foundation they are also inclined to study the community’s behavioral and sociological essentials as well as their needs.

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To name some of the critical role he can play in mitigating the abuse of such companies to the host country, what the anthropologist can do is:

(1) make analysis with regards with the host country’s needs and limitations;

(2) conduct cultural orientation seminars to the proponent who wanted to invest in the country;

(3) monitor the company’s activities

(3) and produce regular reports for the government such as an environmental impact assessment (Serrie)

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