The Importance of Safety Gear and Bike Maintenance in Motocross Racing

Last Updated: 31 Mar 2023
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Did you know Motocross is thought to be the most popular kind of motorcycle racing? It was established in Europe during the 1930's and over a period of time it became popular all across the world. The game is made up of forty riders that compete on the same track at one time. A pro race will last around thirty minutes and a amateur race will last about 5 minutes. My name is travis staubs and I have raced motocross for eight years of my life. Today I’m going to talk to you about the importance of gearing up for safety, how to operate the bike, some tips for you to enjoy racing.

First you will need the proper gear and that includes: boots, knee pads or braces, chest protector, a helmet, goggles, gloves, and the racing jersey and racing pants. That gear will help protect anyone from seriously becoming injured. Hitting the ground isn’t fun when you do not have any protection on. Second, you need to make sure your bike is ready to ride. Your bike needs to be filled with fuel, have right amount of oil, your spokes need to be tighten, and the brakes work, really just the basic maintenance.

Before starting the bike, you need to make sure the gas is on and the choke is on since you havent started the bike in a while. and then pull the kick starter out and kick down on the kick starter a few times and the bike should start. Once the bike has started, put the choke back in and let the engine warm up. It shouldn’t take that long for the bike to get warm. Once its warm, hope on the bike and make sure you have all your gear on. Pull the cluth in and click down on the gear shitfer.

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The cluth is on the handle bars infront of your left hand. But do not pull the throttle all the way back and take off , you will wreak. You want to ease out the clutch and have little gas to take off. To shift gears and to go faster you need mid rpms and once you do you want to pull the clutch in and shift the gear shitfer up to change gears and when you click down, you go into low gears for low speeds. Here are some tips for you:Try to ride all the time. The more you ride the faster and better you getDo not focus on trying to be perfect.

No one is perfect just work on little pieces at a time. Such as elbows up, look forward, come into the turns, good line slections, and when you hear someone coming up behind you, do not go across the track, stay where you are because their going to go around you. Bike set up. Bars in a comfy position not to high or too low and like I said earlier about the maintenance. Its all about having a good time so just have a good time and don’t push yourself too hard.

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