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E-World Professor Anthony Comelier 16 June 2014 The introduction phase of the product life cycle on a new product can be extremely challenging because a strategic marketing plan needs to be intact in order for it to move to the growth phase. The introduction phase is "a period of slow sales growth as the product is introduced in the market. Profits are nonexistent because of the heavy expenses of product information" (Kettle, Keller, 2011, p. 310). A product that has entered the introduction phase within the last six months is Samsung Gear 2 attach.

The issue with this product (watch) is that Samsung first attempt at a "technologically advanced" watch was not successful. This Gear 2 hopes to please the market with its uniqueness and the fact that this type of product is not offered by its major competitor Apple. "Unlike their predecessor smart watch from Samsung, which was powered by Android, these new models use the Tizzy operating system" which reduces its dependence on Google (Roar, 2014, p. L). Samsung introduced its first wearable watch within the last year, but the product did not leave the introduction phase.

The reason for this was that it did not have much appeal to its customers. Samsung is now re-launching this product but as a different name with different features to be more advanced. The Gear 2 will use a Tizzy operating system which is based on Linux, not Google. "Consumers will not notice the switch from Android to Tizzy. The biggest outward change is that the new watch straps are interchangeable, no longer integrated into the hardware" (Roar, 2014, p. L). This product was introduced to the public through the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

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It is evident that Samsung learned from its mistake with launching its original smart watch. There were many issues with the product that did not make customers satisfied; therefore, "Samsung clearly listened to consumers and have added features that are stand alone" (Roar, 2014, p. L). For example, the Gear 2 gives the customer the ability to leave his/her phone at home while going for a Jog, and the customer is able to listen to the music that is on the smart phone from being that distance away. Another complaint among customers with the original smart watch was the battery life.

It is yet to be seen if the issue is fixed; the reported battery life of the new watches is six days on low use and two to three days on typical use. If true, this Gear 2 Marketing Plan By fallen have fixed this issue considering it would be an inconvenience for the customer to have to charge the watch daily, like they do their smart phone. Lastly, "both camera and microphone have a new placement on the watch body, presumably the new placement cures the annoyances of the old smart watch" (Roar, 2014, p. L). The reason for this is to give the customer a more comfortable fit and feel like the watch s not even on his/her wrist.

Competition can be a major factor in the success/failure of a product. When looking at the watches, it is important for Samsung to be the first company to achieve high success with these to create an even stronger brand name. With rumors compiling of Apple launching a smart watch, Samsung has plans to advance its Gear 2 to something even better. The product is a Smart Watch-phone and is going to be launched in hopes of beating Apple to the plunge as "intense speculation that Apple will soon introduce its own wearable watch to compete with Samsung" has developed Roar, 2014, p. ). To be successful this time around and move past the introduction phase, Samsung must create a strong want for this product by giving the market a strong case to buy it. "According to the Wall Street Journal, the new watch-phone will have "a suite of features that would make the gadget-toting James Bond proud" (Roar, 2014, p. L). This product is expected to enter the introduction phase in the next few months. "Samsung stand along watch-phone will make phone calls, take pictures, monitor your heart, provide directions, and send emails" (Roar, 2014, p. L).

It will take the smart-phone world to a new level, once again. The step following the smart-watches' (Gear 2) introduction phase is to enter the growth phase. In the growth phase is "a period of rapid market acceptance and substantial profit improvement" (Kettle, Keller, 2011, p. 310). In order to make it to the growth phase, Samsung must learn from its mistakes. "Samsung first smart watch did not catch on but it did provide a lot of data on consumer likes and dislikes" (Roar, 2014, p. L). The product has been remade more to satisfy customer demands and to not rely so heavily on Google.

This provides a strong opportunity for Samsung because "new smart watches are an opportunity for Samsung to demonstrate that it can excel in software independent of Google" (Roar, 2014, p. L). In conclusion, The Gear 2 is a new product that has come on the market within the last six months. The product was introduced in Barcelona Spain through the Mobile World Congress as an opportunity to fix the mistakes of the original smart watch. Samsung learned about the issues surrounding the first product at its introduction phased and tweaked the Gear 2 to have a great appeal to the customer.

The company sees trials to continue to make this watch more advanced and this can be seen with its latest watch that is expected to be released. Samsung is constantly making the product more attractive to the target market. I believe this product can achieve great success for Samsung. The reason I believe this is because it seems very similar to the Apple pad. At first, people did not think it would achieve great success because it had the same capabilities as a regular smart phone, Just like the watch. However, the pad created strong market demand and achieved extreme success.

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