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Emirates Airlines have several programs geared towards employee motivation. Employees are recognized for their outstanding performance. They are awarded annually through the yearly celebrations known as Najim Chairman’s Awards. For last year’s celebrations, 20 employees were awarded for achievements such as saving passengers life through quick and witty actions, and cost saving events. The organization also offers training and development programs to their employees through their Emirates Aviation College, or through their education financing programs.

Employees who are deemed to be showing excellent results are entered into the program to help them further their knowledge, and foster the company’s growth for even more competitive positions. (Ajou, 2009) Decision Making System Decision making in the Emirates, just like any other successful organisation, has its unique structure. The decision making process in the organization is all inclusive. All the subordinates and management are encouraged to take part in the process.

New proposals by the subordinates which are likely to warrant new decisions being made are forwarded to the management, then to the Board which is the biggest decision making organ of the organization, for approval. Communication System Emirates Airlines operates an open door system in terms of communication. There is vertical and horizontal communication system. The firm ensures the efficiency of communication through use of current technology e. g. internet and paging systems. They have ensured that communication is acted upon the soonest possible, and that delivery of the same is fast enough.

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Major changes and restructuring are communicated downwards through the divisional heads and managers, or even through extra ordinary meetings. Leadership Styles and Attributes The leadership in the Emirates Airlines has a blend of patience, goal oriented, and ability to decide as and when it is due. It displays both willingness and ability of those who are involved. The styles and attributes include: Pacesetting style-the holders of positions with influence in the whole organization, are able to communicate the targets, challenges involved, and pressures of changes.

The leaders have been known for setting high standards for performance and always take the lead to implement and work towards their achievement. They show unrelenting strength while driving towards the set standards. Democratic-the employees are left, and encouraged to take part in leadership styles and proposals thereto. The employees can decide on their own for achievement of the overall goals set by the organization as a whole. This helps eliminate sub-optimization, and at the same time help the airlines meet the customer and employee needs. The President, Mr. Maurice Flanagan, for example, has been a very influential democratic leader.

He has the aptitude and skills to inspire as well as influence the behavior and thinking of the subordinates. This explains why Mr. Flanagan has been honored severally over the position he holds in the Emirates. Persevering-the leadership style of the Emirates Airlines is that which focuses on the customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and future targets of the organizational goals. The leadership shows vigor in persevering in the expense of achievement of the goals. This was exhibited when the organization persevered while awaiting compensation from Airbus over the A380 deal.

Decisive-Emirates Airlines has a clique of leaders who are capable of making fast decisions as and when they are necessary. This was witnessed when they made a decision, deemed by many as risky, on the initial order for A380. It took months for several airlines to make a similar decision. Entreprenual-this is a sense of ability by the leader to become innovative and expand their creativity. Emirates Airlines have the leaders who have a strong achievement approach and sensible risk taking ability towards new and uncertain ventures. They take quick actions whenever there’s an opportunity which can help them meet their goals. Also read Motivational Approach to Work Design

Generally, Emirates’ leadership combines patience and a will to reach consensus, with ability to act fast and decisively. They believe in subordinate empowerment for creativity and continuity. That is why the firm doesn’t have such positions with titles as “marketing” and “branding”. They take such titles as vague and may have the tendency of making the holders of the posts doing nothing. They instead have divisions for Advertising, Public Relations, Sponsorships and Media Relations to focus precisely on those activities and the divisions have been very successful. (Emirates Group, 2009)

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