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Nutrition Throughout Life - Weight Loss Programs. Weight Loss programs: Jenny Craig and Elite' N' Easy 1. The purpose of this product and/or services Jenny Craig: The purpose of Jenny Craig Is to teach their clients how to eat well, move more and living life. This program does not only help you with the controlling of the body and food but also assists in the mind as well. As the body is covered by exercise routines developed to fit with the program the food Is covered by the purchases of the branding meals and the mind Is handled with motivation, encouragement and ambition to help you while you are doing the program. Jenny teaches portion control and a balanced approach to living, with the freedom to live your life your way. Source: http://WV. Johnnycake. Com/site/how-it-works Weight Watchers: The purpose of Weight Watchers Is to help their clients lose weight. They have a combination of diet tools and techniques are effective and simple to put into practice. Every single effective tool Is provided In the Weight Watchers Point List.

These tools helps the clients lose weight by having the ability to make better food sections, simply and easily 2. The targeted audiences of this product Jenny Crag's targeted audience used to target people In their late ass and ass. Since then they have a new, broader target audience of 20- to 50- year olds rather than the previous target audience they had. Weight Watchers: Weight Watchers targeted audience is overweight 35+ women, but after they have broadened their target to women under the age of 40+. . The reliability and accuracy of each program In the terms and condition of use in Jenny Craig it says: Whilst we use all reasonable attempts to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the Content on this Site, we are not responsible if the Content that we make available is not accurate or complete. Any reliance on the Content shall be at your own risk. You agree that it Is your responsibility to monitor any changes to the Content as it may change without notice. '- source: towpath. ]encyclical. Mom. AU/terms -It Is proven to be accurate with the information they provide on the website as well as their information booklets. Weight Watchers: The Weight Watchers diet is proven to have accurate information with the nutrition aloes and facts on how this diet Is effective, In the terms and conditions of use they have mentioned that: All Information provided about losing weight is accurate, and information will be updated at times but there will be no warning on when the Information is updated.

They have also mentioned that only doing one part of the new diet introduced won't help you in any way for you to lose weight. T Off 4. The overall e Ellen Craig: distinctiveness to each program Ellen Craig is like most other diet and exercise programs in that it does work, revived the individual puts their best, most honest effort into the program. Although, without your personal effort, Jenny Craig program is eventually worthless and won't help you at all. Without your full commitment, Jenny Craig weight loss program is ineffective.

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Jenny Craig is a diet and exercise program where the handle the diet, exercise and mental aspects by encouraging you to stay with it and be proud of the results you gain. Weight Watchers is proven to be effective as it is convenient for you wherever you go. Weight Watchers is more effective than standard weight-loss guidance' according to a study published in 2011 in the Lancet. Researchers tracked 772 overweight and moderately obese people who either followed Weight Watchers or got weight-loss guidance from their doctors.

After a year, those in the Weight Watchers group had dropped 6. 8 keg compared with 3. 2 keg for the doctor-advised group. What's more, 61 percent of the Weight Watchers dieters stuck with the program for the full 12 months the study lasted, compared with 54 percent for the standard-care group. The Weight Watchers mainly had success in the regular checkups on their weight and group meetings. They also had non-stop encouragement and support from the dieters.

The study was funded by Weight Watchers, but an independent research team was responsible for all data collection and analysis. - source: http://health. Sinews. Com/ best-diet/weight-watchers-diet 5. The short-term and long-term costs of each program Ellen Craig A Cost varies, depending on whether you choose to attend weekly in-person meetings or use the online tools only. A monthly pass to unlimited in-person meetings is $39. 95, which also includes access to tools.

Or you can pay as you go; meetings are $12 to $1 5 per week, with a one-time $20 registration fee. To follow online only, a 3- month plan is $65. None of the costs include food. 6. Critically analyses the websites you got your information from for accuracy and The Jenny Craig website is a reliable website, which shows a vast range of information essential for people who are trying hard to lose weight, it shows a wide variety of healthy foods you can eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

They also have consultants for all states, also these consultants a backed up by a team of REAL dietitians and Gasp, these consultants are very helpful as they help you continuously develop knowledge in food, body and mind. The Jenny Craig website is designed in an organized way which is easy tort the clients to view the intimation and nave organized essential information into an easy way for the clients to see. The website has been designed in a way that looks aesthetically pleasing to anyone who sees their website.

The Weight Watchers website is a useful website, it has a systematic way to show information on how their diet works their foods and recipes, fitness and health and the success stories of people who have used this diet and have reached their goal. The website itself would look a lot better if they had balanced out the information all over the page because most of the information on the homepage is on the bottom; it looks too crowded at the bottom. Also with the links to food and recipes they should have added extra links separating the food for breakfast, lunch and dinner etc.

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