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Mono Lake Committee

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The atmosphere here makes you feel at peace with yourself. Not only do people FRR mom all over the world come here; photographers, journalists, ornithologists, but even locals come to connect with nature. As I am meditating on the shore line of Mono Lake, I begin to take in my sours endings. The scenery is unique and brings me peace. It unifies me with who I am and who I will become.

I feel the UN baking down on me as a breeze lifts the smell of salt water towards me. When that settles, pick up a thick earthy smell that reminds me of wet grass. It's easy to notice different types of birds flying around, for example, lake birds and shore birds, Canadian geese, California g lulls, an osprey flying off the towering tuffs. It's amazing how the tuffs are composed of the same subs dances and yet they each have their own complexity. Was fascinated by the seagulls' nests tucked into the tuffs. If this lake wasn't here, there would be no place for the birds to rest and eat.

Mono Lake isn't just a lake, it's a special lake. This lake is ever changing, there's always something new. Every hind around me is peaceful and yet buzzing with life. Places like Mono Lake matter because it gives people the chance to connect w tit nature and in today's overstretched world it's important to rest and reflect on life. In the cit y, there's no woods for people especially kids, to explore and discover places like these. No matter how many times people drive past this magical place, it never gets old.

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Mono Lake Committee

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