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Leone P. Aboard, DVD, which basically aims for appropriate alignment of descriptive titles of seventeen (17) positions to be reconciled to actual nature of work rendered by the respective incumbents thereto under the Office headed by the latter, entails no change In salary grade levels and/or step Increments. The Local Government Code of 1991 (Republic Act No. 160) gives the lawful authority to the Sanguinary Penalizing the determination of positions paid wholly or mainly from the provincial funds (Section 447), to which the subject Letter- Request pertains.

However, Section 325(f) of the same law provides a limitation for the exercise of such authority by the SP, to wit: "(f) No changes in designation or nomenclature of positions resulting in a promotion or demotion in rank or increase or decrease In compensation shall be allowed except when the position is actually vacant, and the filling of such positions shall be strictly made In accordance with civil arrive law, rules and regulations. The subject Request of the Honorable Governor complies with the Limitation abovementioned. In fact, it does not consist of promotion or demotion or of increase requesting Office had identified only twelve (12) positions to be re-titled. Because presently held by incumbents, such positions to be re-titled are requested in consonance with the certification issued by the Human Resource Management Office (HARM) of the Province.

Thus, the positions of one Livestock Inspector V (Item No. 7) and four Livestock Inspector VI (Item No's. And 6), as originally listed by the questing Provincial Veterinarian, had been excluded due to the finding made by the Office of the Governor of the absence of approved Qualification Standards to be met by the incumbent appointees thereto set forth by the Civil Service Commission, and as another requisite to be met so pointed out in the certification issued by the HARM.

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