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Vision and Mission

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In any organizations it is always important to set the vision and mission factors of the system in order to have a true “blueprint” of what the institution really wants to accomplish. Therefore, if one wishes to develop or execute a certain project, it is essential that he realizes the main purpose of the plan according to the organization’s mission and vision statements. The vision is the main agenda that an organizations aims to achieve. It is like a big picture of what the ideal future should hold for the institution.

That is why in any planning procedures, the project owner should understand first why the plan should be executed. He should realize whether the project will develop further the organization to achieve the vision or at least sustain the main objectives of the organization. On the other hand, the mission of an organization can be considered the main system contributor of the institution which is composed of the what, who and why of the vision statement (UpwardAction, 2007).

This is a very important aspect in project planning because the main execution factor that will help the organization achieve its vision is by using the resources that the mission segment can provide and deliver. For a project owner, it is essential that he knows how to acquire expert advices, what to do with specific challenges and why the plan will work out for the institution’s benefit.

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Understanding the vision and mission of a company, business or organization provides an overall reflection on the main purpose why the entity was established. Also, it gives any project developer an opportunity to regard what will be the basis of any actions that will help the organization maintain its goal or even surpass it.


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