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Michael Moore Sicko

1.Michael Moore’s movie Sicko is so controversial because it makes people think.He went to Cuba and showed it, not as this horrible place that we’ve all be told but as a caring country willing to help our citizens.This movie proving that Universal Healthcare works in other countries makes people wonder why it has to be so difficult to have it here.

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The Unites States is suppose to be the most powerful country and yet so many Americans feel powerless when it comes to healthcare.

2.Some pros for Universal Healthcare are everyone would be covered. People would be healthier and live longer. Our poverty rate wouldn’t be as high because people wouldn’t be losing their homes because of medical bills. It would make businesses more productive because they wouldn’t have to carry insurance.

Some cons for Universal healthcare are higher taxes. There is a longer wait for surgeries. All the people that work for the insurance companies would lose their jobs.

3.Some relative changes in healthcare because of the Universal Healthcare Bill are not having to wait or being denied because of a pre-existing condition. You will no longer have a higher rate because of your health status. Insurance companies wouldn’t be able to cancel your policy due to an adverse health condition. Children will be covered under their parents insurance policies until they are 27. New plans must cover check ups and preventative care with out co-pays.

4.Most Americans are concerned about the new law requiring almost everyone to have insurance. A lot of people simply can’t afford it although the new law is suppose to make it more affordable. Another concern is wait time to see a doctor. With more people seeing doctors there will be a longer wait time to get in and the less time the doctor has to spend with you in the room.

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