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Last Updated: 26 Jan 2021
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Marijuana is the most commonly used drug in the United States. However, it has singular distinction of being both a commonly used illegal substance and also a legally prescribed medical substance. Marijuana will always be used for private reasons or for medical purposes. Isn’t it a good thing that children not even four years of age are offered medical marijuana to cure diseases such as epilepsy? Seth Ammerman and Courtney Williams are writers for New’s Digital weekly. These articles were published in December of 2012. Courtney and Seth state their point of view about medical marijuana.

Should medical marijuana be prescribed to children? People who are against medical marijuana say that there is not enough scientific research to support prescribing cannabis. Medical Marijuana is only legalized in some states because everyone has their own right to state their own opinion. Not every state agrees. In every cannabis plant there are cannabinoids, which are the THC and CBD chemicals. THC is the chemical that drug cartels use illegally. Cannabidol is the chemical that is put into medical marijuana. Most dispensaries do not get tested for there cannabinoid content.

The chemical is usually unknown. One of the major issues to prescribing a child medical marijuana is the cause of addiction. Marijuana can alter the brain into wanting the drug all the time. The younger a child starts to use cannabis, the child may never want to stop. (Ammerman 2) Of course there are side effects that may give you a negative feeling about using medical marijuana, such as anxiety, paranoia, and depression. While some people say what if. There are others who take a risk and take a chance. Parents who have chosen cannabis to treat their child have raised their eyebrows.

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A two year old had to go through 39 hours of surgery, while under anesthesia for 42 days. The doctor sent the child home on hospice and morphine. The child’s pediatrician suggested cannabis. The two year old is now alive and free of cancer. (Williams 2) Marijuana contains of Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Vitamin F is also found in medical marijuana that contains a cannabinoid acid, which allows the cells in your brain to treat the disorder. (Williams 2) In my own opinion, I’m for medical cannabis. Children can always stop themselves from becoming addicted if they use the drug correctly and they do not abuse it.

There are millions of people today using cannabis as medicine. While children are throwing a million and one pills down their throat and nothing is working. You can never doubt medical marijuana. Medical marijuana will be able to cure anything. Should medical marijuana be prescribed to children? Yes, it should. Medical marijuana is a touchy subject. There may not be enough scientific evidence, but who needs evidence when there is proof. All you have to do is take one look at a child who is free of cancer from using medical marijuana. That child is the proof.

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