Essays on Marijuana

Essays on Marijuana

Marijuana, also known as the pot comes from Indian hemp called the Cannabis sativa. The actual drug is primarily in the flower of the plant and much less in the seeds, leaves, or stems of the plant. Cannabis is used in three different forms which are marijuana, hashish, and hash oil. Marijuana is made out of dried flowers and leaves, this product is the least potent of all the cannabis products and is usually smoked or made into edible products like cookies or brownies. Hashish which is made from the resin of the cannabis plant is dried up and pressed into small balls, and then smoked. And the most potent of all hash oil, which is a thick oil obtained from hashish. Marijuana contains many ingredients, however, the main active ingredient that gives the “high” is called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol commonly known as THC, this creates mind-altering effects that make a person feel some type of way such as pleasure and making the person feel good and forget about their problems while smoking it, this is why marijuana is classified as a drug. The plant is usually smoked in hand-rolled cigarettes also called “joints” or in special water piped also called “bongs”. As of today, marijuana is one of the most abused drugs if not the most in the United States and worldwide. Those who support its legalization, for medical or general use, fail to recognize that the greatest costs resulting from marijuana use itself.

Marijuana is now legal in some states of the United States such as Colorado, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and others. After the legalization of marijuana in these states, there have been many negative consequences. As an example in the state of Colorado, after voters passed Amendment 64 on election day in 2012 in the state. The Colorado Springs Gazette who published an editorial called the “embarrassing cautionary tale” of the policy and talked about the “increase in homelessness, a doubting, a doubling of fatal traffic collisions involving weed-intoxicated drivers, and a rise in drug violations in Colorado’s schools”. Legalizing marijuana could make society abuse this drug and lead people to situations such as driving under the influence of marijuana this causing car crashes to end up with people being injured or dead. If people have legal access to marijuana it would probably increase its use. People who support the legalization of marijuana use to say that the sales of this drug can contribute to the country’s finance, however, this point would be put in contrast with the side effects that this legalization will bring to public health and safety of the country.

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Ethical Perspective of Legalizing Marijuana

In today’s society, many ethical concerns arise on a daily basis, especially when it comes to the topic of legalizing marijuana. Many individuals have relied on the fact that marijuana was illegal, when determining whether smoking it should be considered unethical. However, many studies have …

MarijuanaMarijuana LegalizationPerspective
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Why Marijuana Should Be Illegal

Tyler Wyrick Ms. Russo English 165. 25W 11 May 2010 E1 Why Marijuana should be Illegal In society today, many people are looking for a feeling of freedom. Some go on vacation and spend money while others look to drugs. The sense of high that …

Words 1375
Pages 5
Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Use

Hewlett-Packard| Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Use| Introduction to Ethics: Theory and Application| | HP| Assignment # 4 | Nichole Hysel| Legalization of Marijuana for Recreational Use On a cold January afternoon in a small community, a police officer is called to a residence for …

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The Importance of Medical Marijuana

Introduction: The use of medical marijuana has been a controversial issue since it has been suggested as a method for use as medication. Despite its dissention, it comes by patient recommendation and Doctors prescribe it to their patients based on its medical benefits. Marijuana has …

DrugsMarijuanaMedical MarijuanaMedicinePharmacy
Words 1209
Pages 5
Pros & Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

Legalizing Marijuana will reduce overall criminal activity through many ways. In today’s society, regardless of what the law states, millions of people use cannabis everyday for their own recreational use. The cannabis is typically obtained through the black market, an illegal traffic or trade in …

CrimeJusticeMarijuanaMarijuana Legalization
Words 1196
Pages 5
The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side: Marijuana

The Grass is always greener on the other side. Right now the United States is spending over 50 Billion dollars on the war on drugs including over 3 billion just to incarcerate drug offenders. The black market for narcotics in America is over 28 million …

Words 488
Pages 2
Legalizing Marijuana Marc Dalcin

Legalizing Marijuana Marc Dalcin Dr. Marie Carroll Ashford Intro To Ethics And Social Responsibility 08/10/12 Marijuana has been at the center of a heated debate regarding its legalization. It has received both criticism and praise in equal measure. Critics refer to marijuana as a “devil …

CrimeDutyMarijuanaMarijuana LegalizationMorality
Words 2440
Pages 9
Marijuana Exploratory

Jamal Mujaddidi English 205 Professor Jay 8 April 2010 Exploratory Essay Legalization: Good or Bad? As part of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, Marijuana for all purposes was outlawed nationwide. Prior to this Act, over 30 states had prohibition laws towards Marijuana because farmers …

Human NatureMarijuana
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Legalization of Marijuana

Why shouldn’t marijuana legalized? Are there actually good reasons for making it legal? Critics say marijuana is a gateway drug, but honestly, everything could be considered a gateway drug. People get high off of all kinds of things, and as soon as the high is …

Words 2150
Pages 8
Why Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized

Why Marijuana Should Be Decriminalized in the U. S. “Marijuana, in its natural form, is one of the most therapeutically active substances known to man” (qtd. in Rosenthal and Kubby 49). The DEA’s Administrative Law Judge, Francis L. Young, stated this in the matter of …

Words 900
Pages 4
Marijuana Research Paper

Legalization of marijuana for medical purposes has been proposed to help those who have severe illnesses or pain. While I myself am not a user of marijuana, I have seen the effects first hand of what it does to people. I do have an uncle …

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Article Analysis on Marijuana

A young woman has HIV. In fact, she has had HIV for 7 years. She contracted it from her boyfriend after her first sexual experience. Unfortunately, she has taken a turn for the worse. Her body is now deteriorating. She is going through cachexia, what …

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Marijuana vs. Alcohol in the United States

Marijuana vs. Alcohol In The United States Marijuana and alcohol are the two most threatening drugs used in America today. Marijuana is the most illicit drug while alcohol is the most abused. Both were illegal during the prohibition but when the constitution was ratified in …

AlcoholismDeathDrugsMarijuanaMedicineUnited States
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Marijuana Should Be Banned

Marijuana is a type of harmful drug that is made from the plant called cannabis, and it’s the illegal in most areas around the world. It’s usually smoked as a cigarette or in a pipe. Many people believe that marijuana should be banned because it …

Words 370
Pages 2
Medical Marijuana: Good or Bad?

On April 14, 2011, I read an article in the New York Times that read Pat Robertson Questions Prison for Pot Convictions. (Shear) The article had caught my eye because of who Pat Robertson is and how you wouldn’t think he would be for the …

CrimeMarijuanaMedical Marijuana
Words 1154
Pages 5
Marijuana Prohibition Canada Argumentative Essay

he Controlled substance act pertaining to Marijuana has been a long on going battle as to whether marijuana should be legal in Canada and taken out of this act. The law behind the drug has a long history and many failed attempts at decriminalization. There …

Words 1267
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Cause and Effect Essay: Marijuana in Schools

Marijuana can be found on every college campus in Canada and is the drug of choice coming in right behind alcohol. The Department of Justice Canada conducted a survey and found that, “almost one-third (29%) of college students had reported using marijuana during the previous …

Words 813
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Reflection Essay on Medical Marijuana

For centuries marijuana has been used by the top doctors of their time. And until recently, the past thirty years, the actual physical effects were unknown. Over the past three decades Science and Medicine have been researching what useful and healing effects this herb has, …

MarijuanaMedical Marijuana
Words 3014
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Pros and Cons of Legalizing Marijuana

Pros and Cons Of Legalizing Marijuana Marijuana is a very common street and recreational drug that comes from the marijuana plant. The plant that produces marijuana, as is well known, is the hemp plant cannabis sativa. The pharmacologically active ingredient in marijuana is tetra-hydro-cannabinol. Marijuana …

AdolescenceCancerMarijuanaMarijuana LegalizationMedicineTax
Words 1850
Pages 7
Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Many people go around and live their lives, seeing many of their acquaintances daily. What they may not know, Is what they do in their free time. So many people go home, out, anywhere they want, and they smoke pot. Having many other names, Its …

LegalizationMarijuanaMedical Marijuana
Words 1246
Pages 5
Decriminalization of Marijuana

Darnell Taylor M. Channing English 1B March 5, 2013 Decriminalization of Marijuana As I researched the internet for information about the decriminalization of marijuana, I found so much information concerning this project that it was hard putting together some thoughts. Through my research of the …

Words 2440
Pages 9
Is Medical Marijuana a Good Thing?

Is Medical Marijuana a good thing? Medical Cannabis or as most know it, Medical Marijuana, is parts of the herb cannabis used as a doctor- recommended form of medicine. It also refers to synthetic forms of cannabinoids, which are a class of diverse chemical compounds …

DrugsMarijuanaMedical MarijuanaMedicinePharmacy
Words 2160
Pages 8
Marijuana Subculture

The United States has an approved list of drugs that are considered legal and illegal that create adverse side effects and hold diverse political views. Marijuana is a substance that popular media holds in a negative undertone while other drugs such as valium and alcohol …

Words 1663
Pages 7
The Benefits of Marijuana Use for Medical Purposes

It is normal for people to feel that rules are meant to forbid. When one goes out for a short drive for instance, he or she would encounter a lot of rules to observe – speed-limits, stop-lights, pedestrian lanes, no right or left turn signals, …

DiseaseHospitalMarijuanaMedical MarijuanaMedicineNursing
Words 47
Pages 1
Denver May Become the First U.S. City to Legalize Marijuana Use in Bars and Restaurants

A measure that would make Denver the first city in the United States to legalize the use of marijuana in such venues as clubs, bars and restaurants is expected to get enough votes to pass, backers and opponents of the initiative said on Tuesday.The announcement …

Words 428
Pages 2
Marijuana Debate

Erica Del Vigna Coms 2 Negative Outline Proposition: The state of California should legalize marijuana. I. Introduction Thesis: Though I agree that marijuana should be put into a controlled environment, I believe it should not be legalized due to its poor health attributes, and its …

Words 878
Pages 4
The Positive and Negative Arguments of Expertss Organizations on Marijuana Use

Recently doctors have prescribed marijuana, and “the Clinton administration threatened to prosecute doctors who prescribe marijuana,” (Gonnerman 40). Doctors are prescribing marijuana for its medical benefits. The Clinton administration on the other hand is outlawing marijuana because it has not been approved by the FDA. …

MarijuanaMarijuana Legalization
Words 914
Pages 4
Neurological Effects of Marijuana

The recreational use of marijuana has become an almost mainstream part of our society today, so mainstream in fact that 16. 8% of Canadians older than 15 use it. In government, the debate to legalize marijuana has long gone back and forth yet never coming …

Words 1636
Pages 6
Why Not to Legalize Marijuana

Why Not to Legalize Marijuana Marjorie Fleuridor ENG/102 March 10, 2013 Professor Laura Barnes Marijuana is one of the best known drugs that have been widely consumed throughout history which today raises a concerned eyebrow. Those who are advocates consider marijuana a harmless and beneficial …

Words 2194
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Legalization of Marijuana Analysis Report

A proposal to the public Marijuana was first used in 2737 B. C for medical purposes by the Chinese for things like rheumatism, gout, and malaria. Though it was also used recreationally by ancient cultures, it was known more for its medicinal purposes. In 1545 …

Words 359
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Frequently asked questions

What's the difference between cannabis and marijuana?
Cannabis and marijuana are two different terms that are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two different things. Cannabis is the plant that marijuana comes from. Marijuana is the dried leaves and flowers of the cannabis plant.
Can cannabis or marijuana actually help the body?
Cannabis has been used medicinally for centuries, and recent scientific research has begun to uncover some of the ways in which it can help the body. Cannabis has been shown to be effective in reducing pain and inflammation, and it can also help to improve sleep and appetite. In addition, cannabis has been shown to have anti-cancer properties and can help to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.
Is cannabis more harmful than alcohol?
Cannabis and alcohol are both substances that can be harmful if used excessively or without caution. However, comparing the two substances is difficult, as they affect people differently and have different potencies. In general, alcohol is more likely to cause physical harm, while cannabis is more likely to cause mental harm.Cannabis can contain high levels of THC, the chemical that causes the 'high' associated with marijuana use. THC can cause anxiety, paranoia, and psychotic symptoms in some people. It can also impair judgment and coordination, which can lead to accidents. Cannabis use has also been linked to an increased risk of developing schizophrenia.Alcohol, on the other hand, is a central nervous system depressant. It slows down brain activity and can cause slurred speech, impaired coordination, and drowsiness. When consumed in large quantities, alcohol can cause vomiting, blackouts, and even death. Alcohol abuse can also lead to liver damage, cancer, and brain damage.So, while both substances can be harmful, alcohol is generally more harmful than cannabis.
What marijuana has the highest THC content?
Marijuana with the highest THC content is typically found in strains of cannabis that have been specifically bred to produce high levels of the psychoactive compound. These strains are often referred to as high THC" or "high potency" varieties, and they can contain up to 30% THC by weight. While there are many different high THC strains available, some of the most popular include OG Kush, Granddaddy Purple, and Sour Diesel."

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