Max Weber’s Bureaucratic Management Theory and Legitimate Authority in Organizations

Last Updated: 31 Mar 2023
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Max Weber is the father of father of the bureaucratic management theory. 'This theory has two essential element . The prime one is configuring a institution in hierarchy and second one is the organization and the its people are administered by specific legal decision making rules. He believed that once bureaucracy has established in organization it is extremely defiant to any attempt to remove Its power. Weber Identified three basic types of legitimate authority, Traditional authority- where people accept the authority due to tradition and custom.

Charismatic authority- In this the acceptances take place from the loyalty to and the confidence In the personal qualities of the rules. Rational-legal authority- Here the concurrence comes from the office position and the person who Is bounded by the rules. In current environment we can see the third legitimate authority. Weber theory still exists In many organizations we can see In current business environment very organization Is divided In hierarchy.

In an organization structure follows the Dillon system for Instance at top level, managing director give have and the other apartment are divided according to their rights and obligations. In the given diagram we can see the division of work into departments in organization. Second principle of bureaucracy says that the decision making power is conserve to the Top level management and the lower lever are only to follow the direction prescribed to them. We can apply Weeper's principle of bureaucracy here as follow Division of labor -This principle can be seen here the every department have their specific work and delegation authority.

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Structure based on hierarchy a pyramid of control is there managing director supervise its subordinate at lower level and the lower level managers supervise floor workers like in the military where higher-level officials supervise lower-level officials inside the organization authority. Employment which presupposes expert training-every employee should show their ability to adapt and work in training process and almost every company provides training to their employees to check their ability.

Employees are full-time career worker- this principle refers to the increased control of the organization on employees. Operation of the organization is based upon rigid and impersonal rules of behavior-this is some time perceived as the bureaucracy is against human. In some organization employees are suppose to work as machine without thinking. Some of the organization use modified version of it, in this scenario employees get some to provide suggestion which scan be considered by the top level management In decision making process.

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