Maryanne Norton as a Leader of The Campus News

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What is the problem at The Campus News?

There are many situations at the Campus News, but the biggest problem is the leadership. She is too laid back and afraid to take charge. The other issue would be the Editor, he has no experience in journalism and really has no clue as to what he is doing…. the editor in this situation is also the follower leader because he maintains a staff that also doesn’t have journalism experience.

How would you rate Maryanne Norton as a leader?

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How would you rate Mark Lee as a follower?

I think Maryanne has high relationship with the staff because she meets with them often but she is low task because she refuses to show them what they are doing wrong. To rate Mark I would say he very willing to do the work but he doesn’t have the ability to complete the task because of his lack of knowledge.

Which leadership style discussed in the Hersey and Blanchard Situational Leadership theory does Maryanne exhibit?

I selected is high task/high relationship (selling) based on the readiness level 2 of her followers. The followers were enthusiastic and excited however, lacked journalism skills and experience therefore they require much guidance and support from Maryanne. How would you rate the readiness level of the student followers at The Campus news? Why? I would rate the followers under readiness level 2 for reasons above.

What Hersey and Blanchard Situational Leadership style would be most effective with the students working for The Campus News? Why?

I would say providing high task and having a high relationship with the staff would be more effective. Maryann should focus on what the students are doing work and instruct them how to do it right. Because they are students with no journalism background and they are basically being led by an editor with no journalism background, Maryann would be the key player in this situation to show the followers what needs to be done.

What would you advise Maryanne to tell the president of Algonquin University she will do to improve the situation at The Campus News?

I would suggest Maryanne tell the president that she will ensure the students have the adequate skills needed for working at the paper via seminars and the weekly social events she holds. All articles will be vigorously screened and submitted to her for approval before they are released. All topics will be assigned to the student based on their skill level and Maryanne will be responsible for making sure the topics match the student's knowledge and experience.

The students with little to no experience will be paired up with a student with more experience and knowledge. More controversial stories will be passed to more experienced students and ALL articles must be discussed, reviewed and approved by Maryanne before they are submitted. It would also be a good idea to have another committee from the school that reviews the articles after Maryanne has given her final approval. Also an apology feature in the paper and ways the will improve the newspaper should aslo be pursued.

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