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Last Updated: 09 Jun 2020
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let is among the top three broadsheets in the country, by circulation, along with the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Manila Bulletin, with thermopile's newspapers trailing far behind. Data from the Nielsen Media Index or the first quarter of 2008 show that the Philippine Star is the most read broadsheet in the Philippine capital of Metro Manila, with a Monday-to-Saturday readership of 47. %. As of the last semester of 2007, the Media Index also showed that the Star is the number one broadsheet among the ABACI socio-economic class, with 47. 3% of the market, up from 35. 7% the previous year. [1] A separate survey by the Nielsen Media Research - Print Advertising Information Service, which monitors print advertising placements, shows that in 2007, the STAR received the lion's share of advertising expenditure among all other Philip The Philippine Star is a daily English- language broadsheet newspaper based in Manila in the Philippines.

It has the most subscribers of any newspaper in the Philippines and serves as one of the country's newspapers of record. Owned and published by Phillips Daily, Inc, it was founded on July 28, 1986 by veteran Journalists Max Sliven, Betty Go-Belmont and Art Boreal in the wake of the DEEDS People Power Revolutionize broadsheets. It reports that UP. 97 billion worth of advertising went to the Philippine Star, followed by UP. 8 billion for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and Pl . 35 billion for the Manila Bulletin.

Marketing Situation- Filipino STAR Nagoya, a tabloid style newspaper published in the national language; Freeman, Zebu's oldest English language newspaper; Banal, a Marketing Plan By Judicatories in the Philippines and the region. From its modest beginnings in August 2000 as the online edition of our banner publication, The Philippine STAR, Phillips. Com has grown in content and reach over the years. On our 10th year, we offer our readers a ewe and improved site with easier navigability, better-organized news content, as well as more interactive tools and features.

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Our goal remains the same - to keep Filipinos, wherever in the world they may be - in tune with the events taking place in the Philippines and in synch with the needs and trends of the times and in touch with the rest of the world. Competitive Situation- Filipino Star Nagoya (USN) has, over the years, become a leader in the tabloid market in more ways than one. Two of the most compelling reasons for its dominance are its circulation as well as advertising reference. Errantly one of the top two tabloids in the country, USN also leads all tabloids in advertising with a dominant 32. 18 percent share (display and classified ads) in a five-way tabloid market. Aside from its web presence and international distribution, USN is officially the first local tabloid, together with its sister tabloid Pang-Mass, or PM, to have an app (please search tunes for Filipino Star Nagoya or Pang-Mass). The free APS enable the STAR tabloids to better reach readers outside the Philippines. Macro Environment Situation-

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