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PepsiCo has been known in the market for its consistent distribution of products that are really saleable in the marketplace. In fact, the company has been fighting the intense competition with other companies that also produce the same products. The marketplace became a field for brand battling of the products that both take established positions and gained consumers’ loyalty despite continuous production of other beverages. Pepsi brands are distributed to nearly 200 countries around the world and consistently developing more products in order to retain the appropriate market share.

The penetration of other beverages in the market has a strong impact to the established position of PepsiCo in the marketplace. The consumers have easily accepted other beverages brands and easily purchased new products in the market. In this matter, PepsiCo is affected by the development of other products regardless of whether the beverages are sodas or caffeinated drinks. Apparently, many neophyte products in the market soared in the marketplace making the mature products market trends totally affected (Levy, 2007).

The strategy of Pepsi to develop more products aside from soda, like sports drinks and fruit beverages has somehow made the company evade the declining stage of the products and the manufacturing firm itself. PepsiCo is now known not only for its Pepsi soda but also for other products that are now considered as the brands with high level of consumers’ recognition. Eventually, the market share of PepsiCo may go to a lower level due to constant penetration of other competitors in the market.

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However, because of its established name in the beverages industry, Pepsi still able to survive the battle of numerous beverages brand in the market. In this aspect, the company still possesses an edge among its competitors. Even though, thousands of brands are already in the market, the society can never deny the fact that Pepsi was able to build a good foundation despite its intense competition with the Coca Cola Company. In PepsiCo’s case, the company has been in a perfect competition even before the other neophyte brands were developed.

The existence of Coke had put Pepsi to a more intense and extreme competition. Even today, the battle between the two brands is inevitable even though many brands of beverages have already penetrated the market. Eventually, the penetration of other brands in the market has given PepsiCo a greater challenge to stay in the market. However, the company was able to save the good foundation of company in the market and the good relationship with the consumers by developing new strategic ways to outwit the competitors that are striving hard to reach the level of market share of PepsiCo.

The development of new products aside from soft drinks, repositioning the products that are already existing, improving and changing of products’ packaging have given PepsiCo competitive edges among other brands in beverages and foods industry. Basically, the company is often affected by the constant changes in the marketplace. The market trend of PepsiCo has always been giving a proof that the company is sometimes soaring high leaving its competitors on the ground.

On the other hand, the company sometimes faces business conflicts due to the movements of products and manufacturers in the marketplace. However, the marketing tactics of the company boosts up not only its market share but also its level of consumers’ recognition and loyalty. Apparently, PepsiCo is still able to expand the business despite the existence of global competitors in the market. In fact, the company is continuing to penetrate more market and distribute more products to the consumers all over the world (Penzkofer, 2006).

In other words, the good marketing strategies of PepsiCo make the company survive in the marketplace and give the customers more quality products that they need and expect from one of the largest manufacturing firms in the world.


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