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Many People Have Different Learning Styles

Your role of organizing and delivering training tarts by identifying the learners’ needs.Before the course starts, You need to carry out an initial assessment of all learners, by direct contact or through their training manager / unit manager.Planning Your responsibilities are: 1 .

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To ensure that once the syllabus is known, you prepare for the lesson and lesson plans generated 2. To ensure the course structure and timetable are developed 3. To ensure that resources are planned IEEE laptops, projectors etc 4. To ensure accommodation is suitable 5. To get to know our students and their needs 6.

To ensure that our knowledge is up to date 7. Organization is number 1 priority in delivering a good lesson 8. To organize the class room layout to suit the group you are teaching. It is necessary to keep up to date with any changes in the training curriculum, especially in SST John Ambulance as things like first aid modifications / principals change frequently to keep up with modern changes in everyday lifestyle and delivering first aid or methods in teaching. Shoots Ambulance offer regular training days / evenings to keep up to date with any changes.

Boundaries with Planning There are limitations with planning, in that a Teacher can only plan for what s known and there may be unexpected occurrences that have to be dealt with in the lesson. However, there also has to be an element of “expect the unexpected” Delivery Your responsibilities are 1. To ensure that delivery is clear and concise 2. That standards are maintained 3. That YOU deliver your lesson to a consistently high standard 4. That YOU deliver a differentiated lesson taking into account different learning styles, and a differentiated lesson to engage learners at different levels.

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