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Many of Today`s Drivers Have Dangerous Habits

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The cars today have such far-advanced automotive technology that the motorized transport vehicle seems to drive itself. The problem is that because driving cars today require less concentration than the cars of yesteryear, inventors seem to have come up with new and varied ways to keep the driver busy

behind the wheel. This would not be such a bad thing if it did not pose such a threat to the life and limb of the driver and the pedestrians and other cars in his path. I am not kidding, all you have to do is look at every single person behind the wheel these days to know that they should not be driving and performing whatever activity it is that is preoccupying their minds, hands, and mouths, all at the same time. So, what kinds of driving activities pose as bad driving habits or hazards on the road? How do the activities alter the driver's state of mind and concentration?

The usual culprit that creates a dangerous driving habit is technology. It is not uncommon to see people driving with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a cellphone up to his ear while navigating dangerous turns and traffic lights. Women rushing out the door with curlers in their hair also try to put on make up while driving to work. Needless to say, the rearview mirror is not for applying mascara to the face.

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Speaking of rushing out the door, today's fast paced life style also insures that most people do not have time to have a decent breakfast before flying out the door. A quick trip through a drive through gives you the most common dangerous driving habit ever to be performed by man. Instead of keeping an eye on the road, the driver ends up with his eye on the sandwich and trying to balance the drink that he so does not need spilling unto his lap.

Aside from these everyday-driving hazards that drivers do not seem to realize they are performing, there are also the bad driving habits that are caused by speeding. This is the tendency of a hurried driver to run down a pedestrian is greater and the possibility of loosing control of the wheel is a seriously dangerous reality.

Not to forget, some drivers forget to use their turn signals and this often times causes accidents between other cars or pedestrians. By simply using these simple warning devices, accidents can be avoided. I would also like to mention that people who do not use their signal lights usually end up engaged in a violent game of road rage. Other drivers tend to get irritated and worked up into frenzy when the driver in front of them fails to use their signal lights and almost runs the driver behind him into an accident.

Another example of a bad driving habit is an over confident and cocky driver behind the wheel. This is usually a bad habit attributed to experienced drivers because their driving route they traverse has become such a routine that they think they can navigate it with their eyes closed. So when an activity that poses a threat to the life and limb of the driver and those around him jogs the driver to reality, they are usually unprepared to respond to the situation.

Basically, dangerous driving habits are not something permanent. If you remain conscious of your driving habits and remember to always stick to the rules of the road, there is no reason for one to become one of the many drivers on the road these days with terrible driving habits. Safe driving is practically just common sense and is not hard to follow. Just remember, bad driving habits means that you are just lucky that the grim reaper hasn't decided to take you yet. It never hurts to err on the side of caution and drive safely for a happy long life.


  • I.Introduction to dangerous driving habits
  • II.Technological advancements that cause bad driving habits
  • III.Bad driving habits brought about by a fast paced lifestyle
  • IV. Bad driving habits caused by speeding
  • V. Bad driving habits caused by complacency of the driver in his driving skills
  • VI.Suggestions to alter bad driving habits
  • VII. Conclusion

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