Communication Is an Area in Which People with Sensory Loss Have Many Issues

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1/1 There are a number of factors that can impact individuals with sensory loss. People with sensory loss can miss out on important information that people with out sensory loss take in day to day with out even realising. Communication is an area in which people with sensory loss have many issues. they may also find it difficult to feed themselves, dressing, mobility, hobbies and interests can have a major negative impact on their lives. They could also feel scared and alone.

There can also be positive factors that could impact on individuals lives, increased help, aids for support and a good support team could give them a better outlook on life. 1/2 Societal attitudes and beliefs can impact individuals with sensory loss in quite a negative way because people in society can be very judgmental towards people with disabilities, and put them in a group of people with below average intelligence and assume they can’t do or think the same way as other people without disabilities can.

People in society can also be very prejudice and ignorant and think they are better than people with sensory loss, also thinking it gives them the right to make fun at them and making life difficult in the process. Although not all people think the same way there are many other people in society that are very open towards individuals with disabilities and sensory loss and can be very helpful and kind, this can have a positive impact on people’s lives. 1, 3,

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There are a range of factors that societal attitudes and beliefs impact on service provisions, discrimination is one of the biggest problem in today’s society , people with sensory loss are treated differently, and there a lot of barriers that need to be overcome, service provision is a term used to describe a wide range of activities, including the provision of assistive devices, rehabilitation services, occupational therapy and health services. 2/1 sight loss-clear speach Large print Braille earing loss hearing aid paper pen comunication boards sign language flipcharts Make sure you have the person's attention before trying to communicate with them Gently touching the top of hand arm Identify yourself clearly Check your best position to communicate Avoid background noise Speak clearly and a little slower, but don't shout Keep your face visible - don't smoke, eat, or cover your mouth Use gestures and facial expressions to support what you are saying If necessary repet yourself 2/2 /3 3/1 diabeties infections operations age i can say resident going blind if he or she falling over things high blood pressure 3/2 congenital sensory loss when someone is borh with sight hearing problems might be due to mother contracting an infection such as rubella acquied sensory loss is sight or hearing loss what coming with time in life due to diffrent factors 3/3 356,000 deafblind ppl in uk 4/1 Find lighting either: too bright or too dim. Holding books or reading material close to face

Squinting or tilting the head to see. Difficulty in recognizing people. Change in personal appearance. Moving about cautiously. Bumping into objects. Acting confused or disoriented. listen tv radio on high volume avoiding talking in groups dont undestand what ppl saying 4/2 get eyes hearing tested get doctor to check for any problems like high blood pressuer ask doctor to check is ear bloock with wax avoid loud noises find hearing support services 4/3

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