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Management Information System analysis – viettel Corp

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As an official of the Group's Business Department, I am In charge of managing and controlling the Group's overall sales channels. This task requires me to be familiar with a lot of numbers, information and sales data. By studying the sales volume, I can give out some policies or decisions to make change to the structure of the channels. An Information system called BPCS Is one of the most effective tools allowing me to approach sales volume as well as other business data. 2. Vitiate BPCS Information System 2. 1 . Information needed for author's work

The task forces me to collect some sales data as well as the Information from customers as follows: The overall sales volume of SIMI cards, scratch cards, electronic cards, terminal products such as mobile phone, mobile internet modem... , sales volume of deferent kind of services Like VASS (value added services), fixed broadband services, television services... The sales volume over different types of channel including wholesalers, retailers, individual point of sales, Vittles shop sales, collaborator, Number of transactions at Vittles shop as customer care services.

All of the data Is not from Vietnam market only but from many other market Like being mentioned above. This information helps me to have an overall view about the market, how the goods flow, what should be the key channel for developing and selling what product. By studying the numbers, I can give suggestion to change or strengthen what kind of channel or decide whether to pay the same commission channels or give priority to one potential channel. For example: wholesalers can help us to sell a lot of The information allows me to study the usage behavior of customers In order to rate customer care programs: what is happening? What event is likely to happen in the future? , reason for those events. Based on that information, I can design appropriate promotion programs to suitable customers. For example: It helps me to understand when the customers' accounts run out of money to offer them the next promotion, encourage customers to use more and to up more; send gifts to customers who have been using the services for more than 2 years... The information abode is provided by an information system called Bal (Business Intelligence).

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Bal is now considered as a popular marketing supported program that are used by many big corporation. The platform of Bal system is based mostly on the Data Warehouse technology (DO - a united and centered data base). Bal is a group of processes supported by technology and tools. It function is to convert all the information into data, from data into knowledge and from knowledge to marketing plans for the company. So d¶ he the¶Eng Bal Here are the flows of gathering, processing information to provide for 81: Bal collects in formation from: BPCS (Business customer care system), BIG (Billing

Gateway), SOC (Online charging system), ASS, Others such as VASS system, MASC. (mobile switching center), SMS... 2. 3. The GAP between requirements and reality: Although, Bal plays an important role in making business plan, promotion programs, it still has some limits, the 2 biggest one are as follows: It is still unable to forecast customer behavior in the future (forecasting what is likely to happen in the future) It still cannot interactive with customers or connect to other proactive systems to make a near real time interaction with customers.

Performable: When the system realize that one customer has the behavior of calling much on 8 AM, it cannot automatically send SMS to offer a promotion of SMS on 8 AM. 2. 4. Proposals Doing data mining in order to find the criteria by customer groups to forecast customer behavior in the future; Building a customer interactive function:when customers have a behavior in the forecasted program, the system should know and automatically offer a promotion program to those customers.

The above proposals are very important to save customers for Vitiate, especially when the competition in he telecommunication market is continuously aggressive than ever. In detail: Helps Vitiate to provide more promotion programs to different classes of customers. Helps Vitiate to directly connect to customer to provide attractive program, services, packages. In conclusion, Bal is a very important information system to Vittles business. However, everything has its pros and cons. Vitiate should actively find the best way to exploit its advantages as well as fix it disadvantages in order to keep it position in the market.

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