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Essay On Management Control System

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Meanwhile Susan Bathyspheres elder son a fresh MBA got a Job n Cafe Coffee day In Bangor wrought campus placement from ITEM Institute of Management, Wrangle. Susan called Apothecary one night and came to know about the financial distress his father was going through. He decided to quit the job and returned to kola. He wanted to do something to help his father. He rented a 1578 square feet space on Bullying Circular Road. He planned to sell packed meals.

He named his shop as " Timer Long. " He targeted local residents living In high rise apartments, students of Bullying Science College, Hazer Law College and the guardians of Sent Lawrence School. He introduced a home delivery system (service within 29 minutes within a radius of 3 kilometers). He hired four cooks and a chef who were provided the space to prepare Mogul and Chinese Dishes inside the bread factory owned by his father. 2 smart girls were taken to manage the vending counters.

Initially they started off with vegetable brain , mutton brain ,chuckle recall, chicken do-piazza, pander butter missal, vegetable hake noodles chicken showmen, sweet & sour vegetables and green salad. All the items were put inside big glass made cabinets , stored in aluminum buckets. He wanted to make the storage appealing to the customers. Susan learnt the art of displaying the food items in Cafe Coffee day. He kept a cash counter where customers were supposed to stand in a queue to give orders.

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He printed more than 2000 menu cards with the dial In number printed In large fonts. HIS brother Somers was told to stand near the gate with these printed menu cards. Somers was told to distribute the menu cards to every customer entering the shop. Like McDonald's or KEF , the customers are supposed to pay at the cash counter. Susan got a machine which generates 2 receipts ATA time. One is collected at the vending counter and the other is retained by the customer. The items are packed in aluminum foil and served inside 25 micron cellophane bags.

On the very first day a special Introductory discount of 20% was announced through the local TV cable network. Local people were informed through small handbills distributed by the local newspaper vendors. 15000 handbills were distributed in the local schools and colleges for a period of 5 days prior to the commencement of the business. 2 delivery boys with two wheelers were provided the duty to make the home livery orders. Mr.. Apothecary and his wife were noting down the orders received through phone In an ante chamber through a parallel connection.

They were passing inaugurated by local councilor at 3. App. M. All the cooked food items were stored inside the vending counter by 2. App. M. Customers started to pour in Just after the inauguration. Within one hour all the non vegetarian Mongolia items were sold out. A number of telephonic orders started coming. 2 delivery boy found it a Herculean task to deliver the orders. Problems erupted in the bakery. The old staff members who did to receive the salaries for the last 2 months had beaten the cooks and all the food items thrown on the road. They demanded Mr..

Bathyscaphe's intervention. Within 15 minutes all the printed menu cards were exhausted. The same telephone line was used to take the telephonic orders as well as swiping of credit cards. Credit card payments got disrupted again and again and many customers started complaining. At 6. 30 P. M, 2 food inspectors came to visit the place and noted down all the defects in the food vending system. They identified aluminum foils of poor quality which may cause health hazard. Mr.. Apothecary had to rush to the old bakery. The 2 chefs and the cooks were kept as hostages.

The Chinese cook had an wound on his forehead and he was bleeding. All of them wanted to resign and wanted special compensation. The old staff members of the bakery threatened to close down the factory and demanded their due salaries. The inspection by the food inspectors and the grudge from the customers made Susan to close down the shutter. Gunman's mother made mistakes in writing down the addresses and the delivery boys found it difficult to locate the addresses .

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