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Lush Company Background

Lush is a cosmetics company that produces and sells a variety of handmade bath products and toiletries, including facemasks, soaps, bath bombs, bubble bars, hand & body lotions and hair treatments. In 1994, Mark Constantine and six co- founders including his wife Mo Constantine opened the first Lush store in Poole, UK. The natural bath and toiletries product firm is a UK-based manufacturer and retailer of environmentally friendly natural cosmetics and fragrances Company History

Lush Cosmetics Company is mostly known and recognized by the public for its use of all natural ingredients and hand made products.

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Lush product ingredients are mostly natural, nothing is tested on animals and packaging is avoided where possible. What sets Lush apart from competitors is the unique way products are manufactured. They hand-make the products in a factory in small batches based on orders from individual stores in order to keep their products fresh.

In order to stay in touch with their fresh standard, Lush does not sell any product in their store that’s older than 4 months and most products have a total shelf life of approximately 14 months. As of 2011 Lush now has nearly 600 stores in 43 countries, with 27 different Web platforms and seven manufacturing plants. Including 80 in Britain, Japan, North America and Australia. 60 of those stores are in North America.

Lush North America has plans to open 52 new company-owned shops this?year and 35 a year thereafter, with roughly a quarter located in Canada. Although many of the units to date have been freestanding boutiques, the stores in malls have been phenomenally successful, compelling them to consider almost 170 new mall locations. Lush is privately owned though there are a small number of shares available but only by invitation. The growth of the company is based mainly upon partnerships and franchise holders.