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Different organizations that exist in the world today have different policies regarding the recruitment process they use to hire employees. Some organizations conduct background checks of the prospective employees as well before finally plan to hire them while some do not conduct such checks; however the criteria totally depend on the type of organization that is hiring employees. Therefore, there are always certain reasons due to which an organization decides to conduct background checks of the employees they aim to hire for their organization.

Although these background checks can be an invasion of the person’s privacy but they always proves to be good not just for the organization but for the employees working in the organization as well. When a new employee is being hired, it is important for the organization to properly do the screening before taking the final decision as their decision either good or bad can have dire effects on the productivity level, the reputation of the organization and its employees as well.

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(Leat, 2001). Some of the reasons why employers conduct background checks are to know whether they have a clean record and for this they check their criminal background whether the person has ever indulged in any unlawful activity or not as hiring a criminal would also make the other employees follow his footsteps. It is not always good to rely on a candidate while selection as it may also happen that he might omit some important information and this could make the company be at risk.

Moreover, conducting background checks benefits the organizations in many ways as it will be able to compliance with the federal requirements, reduce the theft done by the employee as well as employee turnover and absenteeism rate should be checked with reference to the previous working experience of the employee. This will also result in better productivity and more qualified employees can be hired as the claim of the employee as to who they exactly are can be confirmed.

To reap all these benefits and to avoid any mishaps, most of the employers do conduct background checks of their prospective employees. (HR Management, n. d. ). Reference HR Management. (n. d. ). Seven Reasons You Should be Conducting Background Checks. June 18th, 2009. Retrieved from: http://www. hrmreport. com/article/Issue-3/Employee- Screening/Seven-Reasons-You-Should-be-Conducting-Background-Checks/ Leat,M. (2001). Exploring Employee Relations. Butterworth-Heinemann.

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