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Love Poem

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Love Poem: Linda Pastan Have you ever been in love? Do you even know what love is? Love is a feeling that at times can feel indescribable. It makes you do crazy things. Love makes you blind and no matter your circumstances with that person, if you love them you will go that extra mile for them. In this essay I will talk about the “Love Poem” by Linda Pastan. In the following paragraphs I will go in depth and break down the poems to help understand the root of the poem. Love Poem was written by Linda Pastan. Linda was born in New York on May 27, 1932.

Today, she is known for writing short poems on topics like family life, domesticity, motherhood, the female experience, aging, death, as well as the fragility of life and relationships. Love Poem suggests describes love in such a form that it makes you think its describing the art and craft. Thesis poem expresses the desire to write a love poem. Also the desire to express the writers love for someone. Throughout the poem Linda uses appropriate metaphors and means of expression. Just like in the poem, the action that it represents suggest to readers the kind of desire between the lovers.

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When I first read the poem I was confused and lost. After reading the poem a few times I realized that the theme to this poem is a “nature theme” due to how she uses bits of nature to get her point across . Being that it was a “nature theme” throughout the poem describe the rush of sensations which the young couple is experiencing Linda used words like headlong, creek, and leafs. In lines 2-4 “a love poem as headlong as our creek after thaw” “our” signifies that this couple has been together for quite some time. Later in lines 5-7 “when we stand on its dangerous banks and watch it carry” she also shows how not teady her relationship with the guy is. When Linda writes “dry leaf and branch” she is referring in my opinion that everything good in their relationship has been corrupted. Lines 12-14 “when we see it so swollen with runoff” express that her relationship went from being a thrill to just barley communication due to all the hardship that every relationship goes through. When Linda says “grab each other” in the last line she is saying that her and her significant other need to rekindle their love and find what they saw in each other when they first began to date.

The main point of this poem is trying to express how the author feels about her current relationship and what she plans on doing to fix it. In this poem I noticed a lot of heartache and suffering. This poem has such a desire to save what might not be able to be saved. The main character expresses her love for her spouse in the form of nature. She made it seem that’s she wanted to forever be with him because he was her soul mate. When you love someone, you love them and theirs not much you can do at that point to forget about him/her. Whether the person is black, white, or Hipic it won’t atter cause you cant help who you fall in love with. Not too long ago was their a problems with an African American dating a white.

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So many people have died so the individuals that are alive today could be free to talk to and be with whoever they want to be with. Being in love is a powerful thing. However, many don’t believe in ever lasting love. Marriages don’t usually last very long. The individuals in the relationships always tend to give each other time and affection. These individuals get so caught up in work or school, even only paying attention to the kids and forget that their needs to be sparks still parking in order for the relationship to stay alive. It’s a sad thing to see couples only trying to stay together for the “kids”. On the other hand I’ve seen elderly couple who have been together for 50 plus years. For example my grandparents have been together for 65 years and still kicking. See the secret is too never give up. I’m Puerto Rican and I was raised with a old fashion mentality. I was taught from an early age that marriage was a commitment between two individuals and these two individuals will love through thick and thin through sickness and health.

You learn to find the love that was once there when it is lost. That’s how you live happily ever after with a soul mate. No matter what you must always work things out with your spouse unless being abused mentally or physically. In Linda’s poem she doesn’t want to give and still has hope and believes that although her relationship seems unfixable it still has a chance, showing me that if you believe in something strong enough then only good can come from it. In conclusion, I enjoyed having the opportunity to analysis this poem in this way.

It really gave me a chance to sit back and appreciate what many individuals such as Martin Luther King did so everyone could be treated equally. They have given us the chance to fall in love with a different kind. Another thing I was reminded when reading this poem was to never give up on the one you love. Nothing in life that was worth it was ever easy. The was Linda was able to say so much in so little amount of words was magnificent. She really made me feel her hurt and desire to try to fix something that was already potentially broken.

Love Poem essay

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