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Love and War

They say all is fair in love and war. This commonly known idiom is accepted across the nation because, in reality, both love and war result in someone getting hurt. Whether it be human emotions or a human leg that ends up getting torn apart, the victim in question is also to blame.

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Everyone has complete and sole power over his or her emotions, and of their choice in a lover/choice to fall in love. When it comes to war, nobody (at least nobody who lives in America) is forced to enlist in any division of the army. It is a human right to protect one’s self from danger, and if that means not fighting for their country, then they don’t have to.

However any particular that does choose to take part in battle understands the potential consequences. Both love and war are decisions, but the same is not true when it comes to economics and a person’s bank account. Financial status is determined at birth, which is very unlike the effects of love and war. Those who are born into wealth have the fortune of being able to start out their career, whatever it may be, at a higher than average rank. Achieving upper class status, retiring early, owning a fancy car, owning a big house etc. is sometimes caused by luck and can at times be the result of a high drive and a strong work ethic.

Though, that is not usually the case. More often times than not, those who are rich when they are thirty, forty, seventy etc. start out that way. It all begins at birth. Upper class parents find it reputable to teach their children in a manner that is above par right from trying to get them to speak. Then, they send those children to a pre-pre school, followed by preschool, which not everyone has the opportunity to attend. Children from wealthy families usually attend private grade school (another privilege that comes along with having money), which starts them off with a good education and puts them on the path to a positive future.

Upon applying for their first job at age sixteen or so (if they even want to; the rich usually have enough money to forget the job and focus on their bettering their education, which is yet another perk that sets them up for success), and since most of these people have lived in the same town for the entirety of their life, their parents have certain connections to certain businesses and business owners, and could easily get their kid an above par job (probably doing practically nothing) or better yet a high paying internship.

The bonus of an internship, however, in this case would not be the extra cash. Rather, it would provide them with a positive learning experience. College is just another step in their life that will come easy, because they get into a better college than they should, simply because one of their parents went there, knew someone who went there, or because the admissions department can see a perfect scholarly record in their name (which, is what university is all about so, it greatly benefits them).

Finally, offspring of the wealthy many times will take over their parents’ top tier business and make lots of money that way, or they will have done well enough at their great school (their parents set them straight from the beginning, it would be hard not to do well), that they acquired an equally prestigious or more prestigious job for themselves. Either way, the cycle of wealth starts again. In conclusion, all is fair in love and war. However, when it comes to financial status, it’s a man eat man world. And the ones with the money always win.