Living Home vs Living Away Home

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Have you ever think on living away home? Or you prefer to live at home with your family? A lot of people, mainly students, have this question in mind. But to answer it is better to made a balance between what you will find living away and what you have living at home; but it is a difficult task because you will find a lot of differences and similarities in both situations. One obvious difference is food. Food is a minimal basis to have into consideration in our life.

At home, well, you will probably were with your parent's so they know where they can buy the cheaper and better food; whereas, if you live on your own away from home, you don 't anyone who could go to buy food at the right place or even, to advise you where to go to buy. In home you can also have your parent's who cook instead of you and they also are the ones paying the food; on the contrary, living away meaner to learn how to cook and to pay your groceries. Other areas of difference between live at home and living away home involves money and rent.

When you are at your parent's' house don t have to centered in saving big sums of money because the only things in what you are going to spend your money on is in your yens because you don 't have to pay any rent or any kind of expenses: you don 't have to pay community expenses, trash service, health insurance... Because these expenses are in charge of your parent's; in comparison, living away on your own you have to pay a rent and all kind of living expenses such as community charges, health insurance, social security expenses, and all of this sort of expenses for which you must to save a big sum of money to pay them.

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Another important difference is the state of freedom. At home you are always bound to the rules that your parent's established and they, most of the time, are going to pay attention to you trying to know what you are doing, telling you how things must be doing under their rules because you are under the same roof as them; therefore, living away from home you can established your own rules and can do mostly anything you want to do.

In spite of these differences, these two apparently opposite situations share several important experiences. Living at home and living away from home are alike in their comparability when you arrive after a day working or even studying and need a nap or even to relax yourself seeing the TV, reading, listening to music, gaming... People and meet with your friends to go to the cinema or going shopping. Also, you will have shops around your home that let you buy things you need.

Living at home can be compared to living away from home in the possibility of paving a room of your own where you can relax, study or stay with your friends seeing films, playing some game or chatting. There is not such a huge rift between living at home and living away from home, both situations has its good things and its bad things. Probably people think that it is more secured living at home because it is a place that they know and don 't want to risk themselves going to a place that can be good or bad for them. But there is no much difference between the two situations.

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