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Living in the City vs Living in the Country

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The age-old story of "country mouse" and "city mouse" shows the clear opposition of forces involved in living in the city or living in the country. In this story, "city mouse" loves the excitement of the city, while the "country mouse" enjoys the quietness of the country. While this is a children's fable, it is not far off the mark of reality. Many families and individuals consider the benefits and drawbacks of living in a city or country, and make decisions accordingly.

As this short comparison paper will show, living in the city offers many exciting and beneficial opportunities to young people, and may be a better option during and after college; however, the country provides a stability and sense of safety that cannot necessarily be found in the city. Therefore, this short paper shows that the preference of living in the city or living in the country is dependent on an individual's age and stage in life.

Living in the city comes with many benefits, and this paper highlights two in particular. First, as the thesis points out above, one of the major benefits is opportunity. Opportunities for jobs, education, and 'moving up' the social ladder, so to speak, are all present in the city. These are all important factors to consider when a recently graduated individual (from high school or college) is considering where to move. There are usually more jobs in a city, and a wider variety of types of jobs. Cities also usually offer better-funded schools, which can make a big difference in the long run. Finally, and most obviously, there are simply more people in cities, which can make it easier to make friends and form a community.

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A second benefit from living in the city is an abundance of resources. A city provides individuals with more supermarkets, with a wider variety of foodstuffs being available. They provide more public services, like post offices, hospitals, emergency services, and police departments. There is also a wider availability of urban resources, like many kinds of ethnic restaurants. All of these combine to provide many resources to individuals that cannot necessarily be found elsewhere.

In contrast, living in the country provides its own set of benefits. While there are many benefits, this paper contrasts them directly to living in the city, so this paper lists two benefits in particular. First, one benefit of living in the country is stability. People are less likely to move away, and more likely to have constant resources. While the country may not offer the excitement of the city, in its stead the country offers the knowledge of a stable, long-lasting community for individuals and families. For many people, this is necessary of life in the long term.

Another, more obvious, benefit of living in the country is a increased sense of safety. The country is, generally, a much safer place to live in the long run. There is less crime, less traffic, and more of a sense of 'neighborliness' in the community. While this may sound old fashioned, it does, ostensibly, still exist today. This is especially relevant for those who are married or have families. Safety of the country, some may say, trumps the excitement or opportunity offered in the city.

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