Essays on The Painted Door

Essays on The Painted Door

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The Painted Door Theme Essay

James Sinclair Ross was a Canadian banker as well as an author. He was most well-known for his short stories set on the Canadian prairies. In Ross’ short story The Painted Door, Ann and her husband John live on a farm in Saskatchewan in the …

The Painted Door
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Short Story the Painted Door

The Painted Door Summary Short story A Painted Door written by Sinclair Ross is a story that hides many meanings. The intelligent usage of symbolism and comparisons also add to the amount of thought and understanding being put towards the overall picture. It is clear …

The Painted Door
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The Painted Door is a Canadian short drama film, directed by Bruce Pittman and released in 1984. Based on a short story by Sinclair Ross, the film was produced by the National Film Board of Canada and Atlantis Films of Toronto. The film received an Academy Award nomination for Best Live Action Short Film.

Bruce Pittman

Produced by

Michael MacMillan; Janice Platt

Initial release

October 1984


Based on: "The Painted Door" by Sinclair Ross


  • Eric Peterson - Stephen
  • Linda Goranson - Anne
  • August Schellenberg - John
  • Daniel Nalbach - Farmer
  • Len Watt - Farmer

Story by

Sinclair Ross

Frequently asked questions

What is the message in The Painted Door?
The Painted Door is a short story written by Canadian author Sinclair Ross. The story is set during the Great Depression on the Canadian prairies. The story's protagonist, John, is a farmer who lives with his wife, Ann, on a farm that is failing due to the drought. John is a hard-working man, but he is also a proud man who is not willing to ask for help from his neighbors. Ann is a woman who is bored and unhappy with her life on the farm. She is also frustrated with her husband, who she feels is more interested in his work than in her. One day, John leaves the farm to go to town to buy some seed, and he tells Ann to stay home. Ann is bored and frustrated, and she decides to go for a walk. She walks to the nearest farmhouse, which is owned by her neighbor, Steve. Steve is a widower, and Ann is attracted to him. She flirts with him, and he flirts with her. Eventually, they end up having an affair. Ann feels guilty about cheating on her husband, but she is also excited by the adventure. When John returns home, he finds that his wife is not there. He assumes that she has gone to the neighbors' house, and he goes to look for her. When he arrives at the neighbors' house, he finds that Ann and Steve are in the midst of an affair. John is angry and disappointed, but he does not say anything. He simply turns and walks away. The story ends with John walking back to his farm, alone. The message in The Painted Door is that life is often difficult and unpredictable. People must be careful not to take their loved ones for granted.
What does The Painted Door symbolize?
The Painted Door is a symbol for the hope and possibilities that come with change. The door represents a new beginning, a fresh start. It is a reminder that no matter what has happened in the past, we always have the opportunity to start anew.
What is The Painted Door short story about?
The Painted Door is a short story about a woman named Ann who is married to a man named John. John is a farmer and he is very busy with his work. Ann is very bored and she does not have anything to do. She spends her days alone in the house. One day, John comes home and he is very tired. Ann asks him to paint the door, but John does not want to do it. Ann gets angry and she tells John that she is going to leave him. John does not want Ann to leave, so he paints the door.
What does the Blizzard represent in The Painted Door?
The Blizzard represents the isolation that can come from being in a loveless marriage. Ann is stuck in a remote farmhouse with her husband, John, who is more interested in drinking and playing cards with his friend, Steve, than he is in spending time with her. The blizzard cuts them off from the outside world and leaves Ann feeling even more alone.

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