Limitations of Marketing Research

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Present complex internal business information using three different methods appropriate to the user’s needs. * I am going to use is Samsung Galaxy S2. I will be describing: How the product is being marketed. How has it been marketed? What are the sales figures? How effective was the marketing? How does the business measure the effectiveness of its marketing? The Samsung Galaxy S II is a touch screen-based, slate-format Android Smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics.

The Samsung Galaxy S 2 really is a powerhouse of a mobile and is one of the year’s most popular phones after the great success of its Galaxy S predecessor. Samsung’s Galaxy S2 continued being the best-selling handset in the UK throughout November as Apple’s newly released iPhone 4S failed to claim the top spot. A Samsung has confirmed that the Galaxy S2 has hit 10 million sales, making it the fastest-selling phone of the series so far.

The Samsung Galaxy S2, took five months to reach the same milestone. Although Apple didn't make a similar announcement when the iPhone 4S reached 10 million, we expect it did so quicker than the Galaxy S3, having sold four million in its first weekend on sale. It is very important how you introduce the product in the market it had it to done in the correct way for example Samsung they advertise In TV, website, newspapers and YouTube adverts.

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People will watch the adverts on TV it will persuade them to buy new technology product. It will help the increasing sales. Samsung their aims are to be of the one best company in the world. To make sales double in the future and sell their Samsung products, and by achieving these goals we aim to lead the way in tackling the environmental problems that are facing our planet. ” to be one of the top three electronics companies in the world in quantity and in quality by 2010;

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