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Being a Teenager

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Being a teenager The teenage years are the years were you try to find out who you are. It’s the best period in life. But it’s also one of the hardest. By Frederik Handberg Hello I’m Frederik. I want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of being a teenager. My opinion is that it’s hard to be a “normal” teenager in 2011. It can get confusing whit all the different situations you have to deal with. But there are also many great things when it comes to being a teenager.

And I think that that is very important to remember when you’re young and sometimes can feel a bit down over things in life. I think that teenager’s opinions are being heard in the public space. But they are sometimes being neglected. Because people just think we are a bunch of confused minors. Many teenagers have an opinion to how the world and life should be. But we don’t get influence on the decisions which is taken. People still treat us like a child. And that can sometimes get quite annoying when we try to grow up.

Many teenagers see the school as a place where they are forced to be during the day. But that isn’t my opinion. Of course it can be irritating sometimes to get up a rainy day and go to school. But I mostly see the school as a place where you meet your friends. And meet new people. Another thing that approximately all teenagers have wondered about, I think. Is their popularity among their friends in the class. Sometimes you can feel like a complete idiot. And other times feel like you can take on the whole world.

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Being a Teenager

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When you grow up you will also see that you get more responsibility and control over your own life. Although you can feel that your parents are being more irritating and over protective. And you don’t always see your parent’s decisions as a good thing. I guess that is a part of being a teenager and grow up. Sometimes you believe that your parents only are there to make life miserable for you. And set limits for your growing expression. You sometimes feel that your parents must have forgotten how it was to be a teenager.

But in the end I think that you will see that you’re parents only tried to take care of you. And do the best thing possible for you. I think our parents would show us even more confidence, if we managed to have a good relationship to them. It is also in the teenage years that you try to define who you are as a person. In other words, what your identity is. That’s why many teenagers try many different things in these years. That not always is thought through. But if we don’t try we won’t move us and develop us in life. Frederik Handberg, 488 words.

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