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A letter to Dr. King

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I hereby write this letter to emphasize on the step that you have taken that will make a great history to the American society and on the social issues that are highlighted in the letter.

Being the president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) you have the mandate and authority to talk on the injustice which is developing in many states like Birmingham. It is known that injustice is a threat to justice everywhere and this should provide a reason for your actions. More so, we should understand that whatever affects one affects all of us because we are tied in a single garment of destiny.

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There are many demonstrations going on at Birmingham that should be taken care off by first collecting the facts on whether injustices exist or the use of direct action, all this involves a non-violent action. This city is mostly segregated in United States with the Negros receiving unjust treatments in the courts. This is even worse as many homes for the Negros have experienced more bombings which even extend to their churches.

These demonstrations are more so necessary at this moment because of the trend of economy. This is the time when there shall be a strong economic withdrawal program as a result of the direct action, the time when the merchants shall be in need for change.

It is necessary to put direct and indirect action towards demonstrations in Birmingham because; this can create a situation that can bring about an open door for negotiation. More so still the Birmingham administration shall not be allowed to act because it must first be prodded before it starts to act. From the past, it has been seen that there has not been any gain without using a determined legal and nonviolent pressures. Therefore, there is need to get engaged in the direct-action campaign because we know that justice that is delayed too long is simply justice denied.

The American community has waited for a long duration without having the constitutional and God-given rights which means there is a slow down in gaining political independence. Therefore, people have increased their anxiety to break laws which are unjust. This is because of the existence of two types of laws which are just and unjust laws. Unjust laws are those that degrade the human personality like the segregated statutes or just arresting a charge of parading without permit which is used for example to maintain segregation and deny citizens a peaceful assembly and protest.

Another major social concern that you expressed in the letter is recognition of the importance of law in a country. That is it exists in order to establish justice and that if violated we are likely to become a dam that is dangerously structured for the purpose of blocking social progress. I certainly do not support this because the whites seem to have a low regard of the existence of law.

This is the main limiting factor to establishment of justice in the legal systems. It has however been expected that the oppressor race shall be at least understand the needs of the oppressed race which is just but a dream a reason as to why the oppressed should be strong, persistent and determined for action.

I still feel that the church has some inner strong power to take care of the oppressed race which has been an inverse in the present times. But lack of will has made it weak and has had an ineffectual voice that is unable to perform its duties.

A letter to Dr. King essay

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