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A Letter from Ponyboy

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Greetings to you! How are you, older brother?  It’s been quite a while since I sent you a letter. My mistake. Sorry for that. I’ve been busy for the last few weeks here insane Diego. My study is eating up most of my time. Right now, we are approaching already the finals week.

A lot of requirements are already on my list. But don’t you worry brother, I am okay. I manage to keep healthy and strong despite the conflicts of time in my part-time job and schooling. And speaking of work, I have some good news for you. The manager of the food chain I am working at was impressed by my dedication to my job. In fact, I was chosen to be the crew of the month.

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Because of that, I got an additional compensation in my salary. Not too big, but large enough to spend for my thesis. It was a big help since I badly needed to finish my thesis as the final submission of it is nearing. Of course, I have to graduate this semester. That was my promise to you, right? Don’t worry, Darry. All of your spending for my schooling will finally come to an end. A month from now, I will be called “Lawyer Ponyboy Curtis”. However, I will not be able to reach this status if not because of you.

Thank you so much, Darry. I really appreciate all the things you have done and sacrificed for me. I know that you don’t want to marry your fiancée Lindsay until I haven’t finished my studies. But I told you for several times that you don’t need to do that. You don’t have to sacrifice your own happiness just for my sake. I can manage myself now. I am a man now.

Being thirty years old is no longer young. But what did you do? You still insisted to pay half of my tuition. I told you to keep them for yourself and for your future. You, too, are no longer young. You must build a family of your own, just like what Sodapop did. You’re such a stubborn. No wonder why they called you Superman back then. You’re such a strong-willed person. But no matter how strong-willed you are, you must promise me that after my graduation, you will take care of your personal life.

By the way, how’s work after being promoted as chief lieutenant of the Oklahoma Police Department? Doing well? How’s peace and security there? You know what, I’m very happy with your current situation, actually, with the situations of us three—you, Sodapop, and I. After the long battle between the Socs and the greasers, I was glad that you decided to study and be a cop.

I haven’t told you this, but I want you to know now that you are my greatest idol. When I saw how you managed to study while working, I admire you. Aside from that, you managed to raise me and Sodapop well after that horrible loss of our parents. Thank you for that.

What’s up with Sodapop, by the way? Have the two of you seen each other lately? I had the chance to meet him personally last month after he visited his in-laws here in California. I also had the chance to meet the kids. Oh, Paul was so cute.

He’s so like Sodapop—charming and good-looking. I bet when he grows up, he will be a Sodapop the Second. And have you heard about the good news? Sandy is three- month old pregnant! Boy, you should see the happiness in their eyes—a picture of a complete and a happy family. Aside from that, Sodapop is planning to put up a branch of their bookstore here in San Diego. Looks like he and Sandy are meant for business.

I really wanted to be with you now, Darry. How I miss my adolescent days. Right after my graduation, I will spend some time with you. You take care of yourself. Until next time.

Your younger brother,


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