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Lemongrass as Mosquito Repellent

Introduction Nowadays, our country is very rampant with mosquitoes that carry various diseases and one of the most popular diseases that are caused by a mosquito is “DENGUE”. Because of this disease, a lot of Filipinos died. Dengue is a disease caused by any one of the four related viruses transmitted by mosquitos.

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One of the easiest ways to prevent mosquitoes is to use Mosquito Repellent. This is the reason why the researchers want to make an alternative Mosquito Repellent.

There are many commercial Mosquito Repellent available in the market. The commonly used commercial Mosquito Repellent in the Philippines is quite unaffordable and use chemical that may cause irritation. The researchers planned to use natural ingredients. Since the ingredient to be use is natural, the Mosquito Repellent to be made is more affordable and environmental friendly. The ingredient that the researchers are going to use is Lemongrass.

Lemongrass has natural anti-microbial properties, is an antiseptic, suitable for use on various types of skin infections, usually as a wash or compress, and is especially effective on ringworm, infected sores, acne and athlete’s foot. Lemongrass is also used as a Mosquito Repellent. In using this product, you will spray it over all exposed skin areas. Avoid spraying near your eyes. You may reapply after washing. If irritation occurs, wash of immediately and discontinue use. The very most importance of this product is to avoid or prevent the spread of various diseases caused by mosquito bites.

Mosquito Repellent is a substance skin, clothing, or other surfaces which discourages insects from landing or climbing on that surface. Mosquito Repellent also helps prevent and control the outbreak of insect borne diseases such as Malaria, Lyme disease, Dengue fever, Bubonic plague, and West Nile Fever. Theoretical Framework Lemongrass herb is very popular plant found commonly in India and used for medicinal, food and insect/mosquito repellent products.

The lemongrass oils are also used in cosmetics, soaps, perfumes, dyes and dorizes along with thousands of other products. (www. newtechbio. com/articles/Lemongrass-as-an-insect-repellent. htm) Lemongrass oil has a fresh, strong, lemon-like, and pungent odor and is used in deodorants, herbal teas, skin care products, fragrances, and insect repellents, and for aromatherapy. (http://www. naturalstandard. com/index-abstract. asp? create-abstract=patient-lemongrass. asp&title=Lemongrass) Significance of the Study People nowadays can be easily infected with diseases caused by mosquitoes.

Diseases that can kill people. The people who are easily infected with this diseases are those people living near canals, dump sides, and rivers. Mosquitoes are dangerous pest in the whole world. Nowadays, people encountered various diseases such as malaria and dengue. Due to economic crises the researcher found a solution to get rid of mosquitos that exist in locality. However the following product is tested by the following stake holders such as client, teachers, students, and workers.

The researchers find the study significant because there is an increasing number of mortality due to mosquito bites, although there are alternative solutions to this problem. Filipinos cannot deny that some of their brothers and sisters cannot afford to buy organic insect repellent made out of lemongrass. Scope and Limitations The researcher’s product is only limited to minimize the amount of mosquitoes in a certain household. This is to see how effective the product will be before applying it somewhere else.