Leadership and organizational behaviour

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The paper below gives a view of one of the most persistent problems of Etisalat Telecommunications Company. The issue that is identified is conflict among the employees. The reasons of the conflict have been defined and the tools to overcome these conflicts have also been mentioned. Overview of Organization The organization that I have chosen as the discussion topic is Etisalat Telecommunications. Etisalat is a UAE based company. It provides internet, TV and phone services across UAE and even better packages for the businesses. Apart from UAE, their services can also be accessed internationally.

They have a diversified business and different services are provided to various classes. Cable service is provided for home and personal use. Everything from Indian soaps to European programs can be viewed through this service. For office and business use, internet and efficient phone service is provided. Web service enables the businessmen to secure their data and at the same time access it whenever required. For travelers, Etisalat has designed various means of communication so that they can travel without worries as far as they desire to. No matter how successful Etisalat may be, problems always exist in organizations.

The magnitude of each problem is different. It may be small or large and hence the effect varies from the intensity. These problems or issues can be persistent and permanent if not dealt with intelligence and care. Hence the leader needs to be very efficient in problem recognition and solution. One of the problems of Etisalat will be discussed in this paper. (www. etisalat. com) Problem Definition I am a Human Resource Manager in Etisalat Telecommunications and since the last couple of months there have been conflicts among the employees. His problem came up when new employees were recruited.

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Due to this new people were introduced in the organization due to which the senior employees were shifted to other posts. There was a change in the entire organization setup and many employees were disturbed due to the permanent change and were unable to adjust to the new setup. Also there was conflict among the new as well as the old employees. Conflicts and tension are a common problem and tend to exist in every organization. There is no permanent solution to this issue except that the leader needs to be really efficient in recognizing and defining the problem so that the appropriate solution can be suggested and implemented.

This happened due to fluctuation and variation in various hobbies, interests, different backgrounds and personalities. This ultimately gave rise to an unproductive and an unhealthy environment which was rapidly affecting the company’s overall performance. It retarded its functioning and the advancement rate. The employees’ performance was not up to the mark because half of their time was spent in stewing and fuming over other employees’ issues. Errors were made and the work rate was highly affected making the organization lag behind.

The competitive spirit was dying and maximum time was devoted to backstabbing rather than focusing on the assigned tasks. Along with this, the time managers could spend on dealing with more important issues was lost in solving conflicts among the employees. There was a dire need to solve these issues to solve these issues as soon as possible so that he normal pace of work could be resumed without further delay and work could be done in a much peaceful and healthy environment. This is of course the requirement of every organization be it big or small.

Work was not being done with the same pace due to which deadlines were coming closer and employees were unable to compete with it. Work load was increasing; employees had to work for late hours, clients’ demands were increasing. This created a highly stressful environment in the organization due to which the employees tensed. The organization already lacked in cooperation and this factor further aggravated this issue. The employees family and work preferences clashed and they were unable to maintain balance between these two priorities. (Harris & Hartman, 2002)

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