Jersey Shore’s Unrealistic “Reality”

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Jersey Shore’s Unrealistic “Reality” Jersey Shore, on MTV, is a wonderful model of reality television gone wrong. It is definitely one of the worst shows on TV, but has become one of the most popular. The cast of Jersey Shore reinforces negative stereotypes of Italian-Americans, and shows relationships and sex in an extremely negative light. Racial slurs are a part of everyday vocabulary, relationships are all about fighting and infidelity, and sexual activity is no big deal. The cast’s interactions with others show men and women negatively also. These images can have a negative effect on many of the shows young viewers.

Although many people recognize the show’s lack of substance, they can’t seem to stop watching it, which only gives the impression that all of these things are acceptable. This show is definitely more than just a bad show, it negatively portrays groups of people, and downplays important issues. The plot of Jersey Shore involves cast members we’re led to believe are all Italian-American, living together in a house. The cast members take pride in their Italian heritage, and boast about it often. They talk about their roots, while using a racial slur when referring to Italians.

They use it the same way many African-Americans use the “N” word. The Italian-American community was very offended by their nonchalant attitude towards the slur. The cast members show Italians in a negative and biased way. The lifestyles portrayed on Jersey Shore shine an extremely negative light on relationships and sexual activity. Relationships are avoided like a plague, and sex and making out are treated as if they’re no big deal. When the cast goes out drinking and partying, their drunkenness almost always gives way to promiscuity. They make out with strangers in bars, and bring random people home constantly.

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This gives a negative image to young people about sex. Only a few people on the show didn’t avoid serious relationships. Their relationships do not show relationships in a positive light either. There is constant arguing and infidelity. Some of the people in the relationships allow themselves to be mistreated all the time, which gives a negative example to younger people. If your only examples of sexual activity and relationships came from images like this, you could develop an extremely unhealthy lifestyle. The cast of Jersey Shore also sheds a negative light on all people.

The show constantly shows people fighting, arguing, “hooking up”, and men disrespecting women. Whenever the group of people goes out, there’s almost always a fight. They drink, and they fight with other belligerent people. They, especially the guys, are constantly hooking up with strangers in bars. When they aren’t hooking up with a woman, it’s probably because they’re calling her disrespectful names, and making fun of her appearance. Everyone curses all the time, and the guys use homophobic slurs. Their personalities only represent the negativity we try avoid. Jersey Shore is a “Reality Show” that does not accurately depict real life.

The real people have been turned into characters that reinforce negative stereotypes of Italians, and “good-looking” people, by acting out, using racial slurs, and disrespecting people they feel are below them (physically). They’re behavior also shows relationships and sexual activity in a negative light. Relationships are either non-existent, or unhealthy. Hooking up and having sex with strangers is an everyday occurrence. Jersey Shore is considered terrible TV by many of its viewers, but they can’t seem to stop watching it. All the fights, hookups, and break ups keep everyone coming back for more.

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